Laurie Wondra, Shaman, channeler, energy worker, and teacher.  dscn0746-3Laurie’s earliest memories are of talking with Archangel Michael in the hallways of school when she was in 2nd grade.  In 4th grade she began to channel and write with the help of a lovely ‘green energy’ that later became known to her as Archangel Gabriel and the Collective Light.   For as long as she remembers she’s been able to see loved ones that have crossed over.  Today she uses these gifts as a clear channel while working with people from all over the world to help them connect with their loved ones, angels and guides.   Her ability to tune in to the varying frequencies of the universe allow her share this information and insight about past, present and future.

Laurie offers private and group readings and energy healing.  She connects and communicates with universal energies, elementals, angels and our loved ones about past, present and future.   Laurie becomes a conduit for the transmission of light and frequency from the universe during a reading or energy work,  These energies assist your shift and transformation to higher consciousness, the releasing of old patterns or old energy and then igniting new energy within the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric fields.   During any work with Laurie you will feel the calmness of the connection with self and soul.   Laurie is an acknowledged Master working with crystals and other energy healing modals of the universe. She is a healer, teacher, speaker, and author, working each year with thousands of people from all over the world.

Laurie has been recognized by the elders of the oldest Peruvian Shaman, the Q’ero Shaman, for her crystal work and light healing gifts along with her ability to work with the elements of the universe to bring healing and light to all that she touches.   When Laurie works with a client or group, she first sees their aura or the energy field around their bodies – physical, energetic and etheric. When these bodies are out of alignment, our auras appear to her as out of focus or cloudy. Laurie’s gift is to see, align and then infuse these areas.   In times of shifting energy, her gift is to attune a client or group to new lights and codes that are delivered through the universe.   Readings and Energy work

She is an author and teacher, teaching about energy and our connection with ourselves and angelic realms beyond us.  Laurie is also a corporate Executive understanding the balance in a corporate world and the spiritual world and the use of left/right brain. Her ability to understand and balance life assist her in her corporate leadership roles as well as her ability to teach and coach in global corporate settings that raise an individual, team or organization to higher levels of performance, success and consciousness. She has had the honor to lead, coach and teach in countries around the globe for almost 30 years. Laurie’s passion for people is to provide an experience that is open and supports personal growth and transformation.  She firmly believes that we are all one within the universe, and the energies of one affect the energies of all. Balance of these life energies are vital for spiritual and emotional health.

Laurie gathers and shares information about these vibrational energies and uses this information as a means to balance and heal Your….. Life….. CORE. Your CORE is your Center of Resource Energy. This is the tank that we fill up and then run with.

Laurie is recognized as a spiritual leader in the Minneapolis Community, but also is recognized in the business community. Read more about her in the Minnesota Business Magazine October 2016 issue

Laurie in Minnesota Business Magazine Oct. 2016