CoyoteCommunication with Animals.

Animal spirits and messages come to us through animals.  Laurie communicates with animals, both passed and present.  

Laurie often has animals visit her. It is not their normal habitat, and they may be passing through to say hello, or are drawn by her energy or the property she lives on. This coyote came to her backyard one winter morning.  As Laurie ate breakfast she watched him hunting mice under the snow, until he noticed her observing him.   Once he understood he safe and only being watched he continued his hunt, standing on his hind legs and pouncing down in an attempt to break through the hard packed snow.  It was like he was dancing.    

Laurie suggests you be alert to animals that enter your space that are out of the ordinary.  They bring messages about what is happening in your life, and where to pay attention.



Cedar Wax Wing discovers an angel

P8250054 These Cedar Wax Wings babies fell from their nest in a storm.  We set the alarm to get up every few hours to feed them grub worms with a tweezer and water from an eye dropper until they are ready to fly!   So proud of my kids as they took turns setting their alarms to feed these babies.  We spent many hours with them watching and learning how they sense food, water, and touch.    We kept them in the garage until we worried about them hopping out of their box on to the hard cement.   We put them in the big Jacuzzi so they had more space but where safer, but within 5 minutes they started to fly around the bathroom.  Time to release them outside !!!

 Ready for release

A Yak named Kundun (named after the Dalai Lama-witWe encountered a Yak name Kundun located in Northern Minnesota, while on a family trip.  He was named after the Dalai Lama-wit.   We found him hungry for communication and touch and welcomed me each time I approached him.  He was very happy with his human family, and the llamas, turkeys and chickens that freely roamed the yard, but he was quite vocal with his boredom with the scenery.   The tall weeds of summer had blocked his view of the lake and he was no longer able to people watch through the day.  He’d retreat to the far corners of his pen, knowing this upset his owner.   No amount of carrots could coax him out, but his curiosity of my energy did….     I explained to the owners they needed to cut down the grass so he could see.  They’d left the grass grow thinking it shielded him from all the activity, not even thinking it was the opposite.   He was very happy once he could see across the yard and farm area again.

100_1628A few years ago there was a sacred herd of white buffalo lving in Northern Arizona.  They have now since moved.  I was blessed to meet the owner of this herd and do a reading for her.  She was upset of having to separate Jack from the rest of the herd.  He was damaging the fences. They couldn’t keep him separate and they couldn’t put him back with the herd.   I walked to the heavy fence where Jack was.  The owner recommended I not go any further as Jack was known to charge the fence.  I sat on the ground and spent time with Jack, the father of this magnificent herd listening to his anger in being separated from his family.  He also missed the co-owner and did not understand where he’d gone.  The co-owner had died unexpectedly.   I shared all I heard with the owner. 

After my time with Jack, we honored the herd and the grounds with ceremony clearing and blessing.    That night we slept in the desert to continue the  connection with this herd and honor their energy.            

IMG_3014Max the donkey. It was a hot mid July Sunday when we drove to the farm in the southern metro area of Minneapolis.   Brenda and her daughters met us outside the farmhouse and together we walked to the fenced area of the barnyard to meet Max.   Brenda explained that she’d had Max for awhile but that winter something had shifted in him and they found they needed to separate him from the rest of the animals. When Max first came to the farm he shared the corals with goats and miniature horses, now they needed to seclude him because he would bite and chase them.   Max was telling me he didn’t like to be alone, but he also didn’t want to be with the other animals either. His energy felt crabby, angry, lonely and tired. The energies that I was sensing where not his. Somewhere along those winter months he’d picked up on some other energy and they weren’t his.

MaxI worked with Max to clear his energy.  Within an hour Max allowed his owner and her family to approach him, brush him, hug him and welcome back into the barnyard.   Max remains happy to this day, being able to be in the same barnyard with the ponies, goats and other farm animals.

Roman dobermanRoman the Doberman.   Roman’s owner brought Roman to me because he was starting to growl at small children.  Roman is a beautiful Doberman with a gentle soul and LOVED being touched, but he was always on guard.   He worried about anyone approaching his owner.  I noticed even within my home he was always are guard watching.   I spoke with Roman telling him he could relax, but I also suggested that Roman’s owner  speak to Roman frequently about when he needed to be on watch and when he could relax.    Roman’s high intelligence included conversation so he would know what was expected of him.

Max the Kitty. Max, snuggled in behind me at a recent event.  He spent most the day tucked behind me as I did one-on-one readings with individuals.  No doubt Max loved the energy of the everyone that I worked with, but he also was working his loving magic in the room.  Animals are sensitive to energy and many are called to work with energy themselves, either absorbing or elevating the energy of the room.  In this case Max felt good in the energy of the room, but he also did his part in raising the frequency if needed.

Cats are often the first to sense energy in a room and will often follow a shadow across a wall, ceiling or floor.  This energy may be an angel or a loved one.  Sometimes our loved ones use their high frequency to get the attention of our pets as a way to communicate with us.