April 2017 -Embracing Change

Many of us may be feeling sadness in our hearts that we’ve lost heart, connection, compassion, or even feeling.   Business and industry continue to develop ‘things’ that are meant to propel us forward, streamlining our lives, but may have removed us further from the connection to each other, earth or the depths of our soul.  We may have rushed to believe what we would gain, or we felt pressure to use these ‘things,’ only later discovering the impact or loss of our environment, personal being or our connection to each other.  Some of us remember a simpler life, where our priorities or focus was different, and we strive to return to that place of peace, joy, happiness and calmness.   We are decluttering, downsizing, and simplifying.  We desire something different for our lives and are frustrated when ‘change’ doesn’t come.  The energy of the 2017 Spring Equinox and other planetary placements are creating gateways to help us recognize and move to change.  We are feeling this shift, and though not yet able to name it, we are feeling it.  We are feeling it in our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies.  For something new to begin there is often something that must cease. For us to understand what is to cease we must feel uncomfortable with those things that no longer serve us. The uncomfortable feeling often ignites the flame for change and new beginnings.
The Nature of Beginnings.   Each season and each day begin the opportunity to rise to new potential.   Every day humans perform divine actions of creation and destruction with the intent of beginning.   Sometimes our creations are not what we expected, equally so are our destructions.   We imagine that we have the full understanding of the story and a complete vision of what is to be. Our expectations of perfection will both limit and sabotage us if we do not trust that the evolution process in either creation or destruction has a purpose.    Each has a place or a step for beginning and from where we last ended and each is meant to further us on our path.  This energy is intense for a reason.  To push change, to push for your action and involvement.  
In the Medicine Wheel, East is about new beginnings, spring time and the place before birth and of birth.  It is where we begin anew, over and over again.   When you find yourself in the East, you can be sure that something has ended, and you are on the doorstep of a new beginning, whether you want to be there or not.   It is the best time to identify, illuminate and clarify, to seek vision and inspiration to locate your new path and choose what is new.   Each time you need to understand a situation in your life, you will return to the direction of the East.  You many not understand it all at first, it may feel shrouded in darkness, but when you begin to pay attention to everything in your physical, emotional and spiritual being, illumination will come.  
We are energetically standing in the direction of the East right now, and our action is to be alert, pay attention, observe how you are here before you rush forward.  Observe what is ending, or needs to end and equally what is being created.  This is a where the opportunity for you to start new resides. Happy Spring!
Love and Light – Laurie