Crystals and Rocks –   DSCN2950

TBD – March 2018
6903 Sussex Lane, Shakopee, MN 
Cost is: $40 per person 

Crystals are a powerful and easy way to use energy in multiple ways, to clear, manifest, calm, protect and heal.

They are natural powerful tools to move energy in our lives and home. They can help to open, cleanse or expand our chakras. They have healing properties that assist with physical symptoms and illnesses. they can shield or protect or help us bring in information for clarity. All have a vibrational frequency and purpose.

This class will give an overview of some common stones and crystals that can be helpful in your home, office and on your person to create your own personal energy vortex. We will talk about gridding, (placement of stones) and how you might use crystals to grid space for a specific purpose. You will learn and practice creating your own energy grid – followed by instruction and meditation on how to use your grid during meditation.    Crystals will be available for purchase  

 Register Here- $40.00 


Sound Healing – Use of Vibration and Sound

TBD March 2018
6903 Sussex Lane, Shakopee, MN

Cost is:  $40 per person and class size is limited to 10 people.

This will be a hands-on class where students learn and experience vibrational energy patterns.  Tools used will include use crystal and Tibetan bowls, gong, tuning fork, drum and other vibration tools that will demonstrate the power and use of vibration and sound in the fields of energy.   We will cover the chakra’s and the vibration frequency and tone for each chakra while using tools of vibration.  This is a hands on experience! 

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meditationHigher Consciousness: Igniting Your Flame
Saturday December 2  9am to noon   Cost is $40

Class Location: 6903 Sussex Lane, Shakopee

As spiritual beings, we are awake and curious to what the universe This course takes a deeper look at what energy and frequencies are, including the use of the higher rays of light. We learn what might affect us and the earth frequencies to raise or lower our vibration energies. This class touches on Dharma, Karma, past life, soul retrieval and how meditations, mudras, and mantras can be used as daily tools. We’ll work with Archangel Metatron, the Ascended Masters and the Collective Light to further understand higher energies and higher realms as they teach us how best to connect, develop and use our intuition.

 Cost is $ and includes :
– Meditation Stone(s), other tools as needed by the group
– Course Materials – handouts
– Attunements of energy force fields

 Register Here- Igniting your inner flame –  $40



12th Dimension – Higher Consciousness  


We are created as an integrated kingdom of energy with all – plants, animals, the universe, angels, light beings, etc., and we are linked to all. Learn about the Kingdoms of the universe and how the codes and keys are activated and used to assist us to elevate to the 12th dimension of our energetic being.

  • What is ascension or awakening
  • Learn about the dimensions and where we are in our own ascension process.
  • Learn about the bodies of energy and the importance of alignment of these bodies
  • Learn about the 12 kingdoms and how to utilize the codes and keys of these kingdoms to assist you in your own ascension process
  • Discuss and learn where we are ‘going next’
  • Each class will assist with energy alignment and will provide practice time to use what you are learning for answering your own questions using the gift of intuition.
  • Chakra expansion in our energy bodies first-7 and beyond.

Our energy fields are stronger when we are with like people and are focusing on our energy.   This is going to be a great group with the opportunity to elevate and expand your own ascension journey.   Previous classes that have studied with Laurie and the education of Energy and Transformation have experienced elevation and understanding of their own gifts and fields of energy.   This class is about understanding our own definition of mastery, ego, the power of our story and unlocking our own codes.

Class includes a meditation crystal, handouts and course materials that are aligned to the universe.


The I AM energy – manifesting your life

TBD   2018


You are an energetic being. You have a frequency and you vibrate in frequencies that communicate throughout the universe. Frequencies have sound and color associated with them and this is how you communicate to everything around you. Your energy field communicates messages before you speak. Your energy enters the room before your physical being does.

Everything has a frequency, so you are essentially always communicating with everything around you. Being aware of how energy works, and being able to facilitate energy helps you direct your life.

In this class learn about your frequencies, the earth frequencies and how to utilize the laws of the universe to manifest based on frequency.  Laurie is the author of 4 books, The I AM Journey Journal being her latest. The book will be given as part of the class and used for course work.  Costs of the course cover the book, additional handouts,  a small crystal for meditation.  This is an experiential class.


 Register Here- The IAM Energy – Manifesting.

 Cost is  $40