July 2017 – Stepping into your Power – Open Door

Stepping into your Power –  Open Doors

Evolution never stops.  If we understand what’s going on, and use the energy that is present, we can better navigate it.   The analytical part of us always wants to know WHY when sometimes there is not a WHY – it just is.   June was a power-packed month with many portals of energy opening up.   Many of you shared your photos of the rainbow light around the sun, and orbs of light.   I see these as physical reminders that the helpers of the universe surround us to assist in any transformation and the last six months continued the theme of change.  With the veil thinning each year, and our evolution continuing we have the opportunity to experience the intensity of this energy. 

Some true feelings I’ve heard:

  • I’m tired of this energy and change,
  • I’m a little lost
  • I’m a little scared – things are changing around me,  or things didn’t turn out the way I wanted, thought or that are good for me. 
  • I’m confused – I thought I understood my direction and it suddenly changed. Was I wrong?

Interesting that when life becomes uncomfortable, we view it is bad, or wrong when the reality is that contrast in our emotions continues to create the perfect transformational storm.  

The energies of summer are loving. However, the intensity of this energy is meant to help us fulfill our dreams and visions.    Helping us realize the power of our internal compass (emotions) to course correct.

You’ve been in a larger portal since May of 2012, as you’ve expanded your ability to connect with your feelings, heart, and others on an emotional level.  That’s hard work.  Not brain work, but heart work.  Well done !!    So if ‘things’ still have an emotional sting to them, you are doing THAT heart work. 

 What to do in this summer of love and illumination:

  • pay attention to what is the universe showing you in contrast of what you want, don’t want and are experiencing
  • Relax when you feel the energy intensity, develop healthy habits
  • Continue to focus where you direct your energy

The doors are open – so believe they are open.   

June 2017 – In the Void 

Last months newsletter talked about breaking loops and patterns.  Did you find any? At the end of every cycle, and the beginning of every new period, there is a moment of transition.  This is the VOID.   It may last for any amount of time.  A time of feeling or emotion, or many years of deep inner work.  It can feel unsettling, and often during this period you may feel displaced.  The transition may require patience to endure the absence of something,  a knowing, the lack of certainty about who you are and why you are here on this planet.   A void may open up between one moment and the anticipation of the next related moment.   When will I feeling this again, when will I know, when will the next feeling of security come,  when will I feel prosperous or happy.   We can spiral into feelings in an attempt to force an outcome that might not be in alignment with where we are to go.  
The universe is providing us a tremendous amount of options right now, and that too can be confusing. What should I do?  What if it’s wrong?   If you can accept that place in the cosmic void as preparations for your next cycle of manifestation, if you understand that darkness is holding you with love, not with overwhelm, fear or doubt, then you can relax and let the preparations be what it must be.   Then when the ‘next’ is,  you will be well equipped for what is to be next, unforced and aligned.   Your focus remains to understand what it is you desire, want and focus your energy in that place.    The universe will show you very quickly if there is a misstep. When you are at your optimum vibrational frequency and suddenly are out of alignment,  being uncomfortable will be evident.    You will probably feel it physically as you have attempted to avoid the emotional and energetic indicators.
There are areas and steps of your transition process unfolding that you just cannot know about yet.  You are not ready, or it is not time.  The universe delivers on feelings, so feeling it will never come, or it won’t be right, or it will be limiting, will deliver exactly that.  Divine timing and the universe will keep bringing it back to you for review. 
It is helpful to understand that when the time is right for whatever is next for you, it will show itself.  For now, only deal with what is immediately before you.  Notice if the same is presenting itself.  In other words, are you avoiding or pushing something away that is the ‘next’ for you but fear or a belief as to how it ‘should be’ is creating a hindrance or blind spot.   
We are all growing, stretching, and shifting.   You do not have to worry, and you do not have to search.  Use your energy on being present, patient and responsible for anything you are putting out in to the universe.  Plant the seeds to forward you, nurture them, watch, accept help when aligned, adjust and let it become what it must be according to spiritual wisdom and love.   
Helpful Questions to ponder:
  1. Have I ended a cycle and am in the void?
  2. Am I focusing my energy on seeds of the future, or expending energy on fear, worry, or the past?
  3. What tools, techniques or practices do I have that bring calmness, patience, and quiet my mind?
  4. Do my tools no longer work and I need to replace them?
  5. Do I have support that allows me to voice dreams and passions and be in this void as I continue to manifest my ‘next’? 
  6. Do I have fixed expectations of what next ‘should be’?
  7. When the ‘next’ arrives am I prepared to see it, feel it and celebrate it?
Love and Light – Laurie

May 2017 –  Breaking Loops.   Utilize forwarding energy that is available now.

We are all breaking loops.  Another word for loops might be patterns or things that no longer serve us on our journey path.   It is the shift energy we are experiencing now.    This change energy is all about your journey and further evolution of the soul, and so any loops that are holding you in status quo of your experiential journey are being given the opportunity to change them or go around the loop again.   Different job, but same situation?   Different relationship, but same feelings?  These are loops.
Steps for Breaking the Loop
1.   Finding the loop –   the First step is to recognize if this is a loop.    If you find yourself expressing frustration about finding yourself in the same situation again, or desiring something new because it always feels the same,  these are clues this may be a loop.
2.  Observation –  You’ve been working on your emotional body to help you identify our authentic emotions.  Genuine feelings on what you like or don’t like. What feels good, or what doesn’t bring joy.  Your filter has changed, and you begin to look at and experience life from a ‘feeling’ perspective.  Now you begin to make choices on the emotional value versus material, or obligation.
3.  Stopping the Loop – at any time in the loop, you have the ability to shift it.  Each moment provides a unique opportunity to change the loop.  Energy may come in the form of action (and even non-action is action), having a different expectation of the outcome,  declaring a new self IAM,  loving and accepting where you currently are, playing with it, using your voice or intuition.    The seven lower chakras are open, activated and provided the entry point for the external energy sources to pour in to help you in this shift.   (See Laurie’s book Becoming a New Frequency and Use of Higher Energy. )
4.  Deciding –  Do The Work.   Years ago when I was working with a group in Sedona, I printed up t-shirts that said DO THE WORK, as a reminder that there is work to be done, and it is a decision.  Telling the universe, you are shifting and then stepping towards change is the starting line.   You may not see the finish line today, but you can define your starting line.  
5. Understand you have all the resources around you to do this work.  Be open to receiving and saying YES to what presents itself as it may not look like you expected it.   Help may come in many forms, and not all are earthbound.  Our ancestors loved ones, angels, guides and ascended masters are interacting with us now to help us.  Before you say NO, or give up, allow space for the unexpected to step in and plant energetic seeds there.   2017 is more community-based energy, so going it alone isn’t always the path you should follow.  Fear, doubt, worry may become weeds in your dream garden.
6.   Identify and focus where you DO want to put your energy.   To get out of the loop don’t concentrate on the old loop! Any backward focus is only to learn and can pull you unsuspecting back into that loop of energy.  Fear of going back into old loop patterns will also create that same pull.    Focus on change, direction, desires and if you’ve identified your passions (we can have more than one) focus there.   Like attracts like and we attract to us our those things that are vibrating equally to our emotional vibrational patterns. 
7.  Take action.  The universe is ever evolving so even the smallest of steps or energy in the new direction will begin a course correct for your journey.  Remember no action is action, and without giving the universe something to contribute energy to, you could be at a standstill just waiting. 
8.  Patience. The universe has a pace. If you have energized a new direction the universe will act but it may not be the timeline you believe it should be.  Don’t give up and sabotage your own efforts.  Sabotaging or giving up is also a loop, and that might be the one you get to break.  Have faith and trust. 
The energies of May and June are highly charged for forwarding action.  You may feel them as pushes and uncomfortable surges that will push you forward.  Your work will be to break the loop and use these energies to evolve to what is next.  To work effectively with the potential of these surges set your course!
Love and Light – Laurie

April 2017 -Embracing Change

Many of us may be feeling sadness in our hearts that we’ve lost heart, connection, compassion, or even feeling.   Business and industry continue to develop ‘things’ that are meant to propel us forward, streamlining our lives, but may have removed us further from the connection to each other, earth or the depths of our soul.  We may have rushed to believe what we would gain, or we felt pressure to use these ‘things,’ only later discovering the impact or loss of our environment, personal being or our connection to each other.  Some of us remember a simpler life, where our priorities or focus was different, and we strive to return to that place of peace, joy, happiness and calmness.   We are decluttering, downsizing, and simplifying.  We desire something different for our lives and are frustrated when ‘change’ doesn’t come.  The energy of the 2017 Spring Equinox and other planetary placements are creating gateways to help us recognize and move to change.  We are feeling this shift, and though not yet able to name it, we are feeling it.  We are feeling it in our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies.  For something new to begin there is often something that must cease. For us to understand what is to cease we must feel uncomfortable with those things that no longer serve us. The uncomfortable feeling often ignites the flame for change and new beginnings.
The Nature of Beginnings.   Each season and each day begin the opportunity to rise to new potential.   Every day humans perform divine actions of creation and destruction with the intent of beginning.   Sometimes our creations are not what we expected, equally so are our destructions.   We imagine that we have the full understanding of the story and a complete vision of what is to be. Our expectations of perfection will both limit and sabotage us if we do not trust that the evolution process in either creation or destruction has a purpose.    Each has a place or a step for beginning and from where we last ended and each is meant to further us on our path.  This energy is intense for a reason.  To push change, to push for your action and involvement.  
In the Medicine Wheel, East is about new beginnings, spring time and the place before birth and of birth.  It is where we begin anew, over and over again.   When you find yourself in the East, you can be sure that something has ended, and you are on the doorstep of a new beginning, whether you want to be there or not.   It is the best time to identify, illuminate and clarify, to seek vision and inspiration to locate your new path and choose what is new.   Each time you need to understand a situation in your life, you will return to the direction of the East.  You many not understand it all at first, it may feel shrouded in darkness, but when you begin to pay attention to everything in your physical, emotional and spiritual being, illumination will come.  
We are energetically standing in the direction of the East right now, and our action is to be alert, pay attention, observe how you are here before you rush forward.  Observe what is ending, or needs to end and equally what is being created.  This is a where the opportunity for you to start new resides. Happy Spring!
Love and Light – Laurie

March 2017 – The importance of dreaming

Most of us dream. This is not sleep time dreaming, but our wishes, hopes, and visions of what we want to experience in our life. We are here to experience life, and dreaming is important as a way of manifesting our experiences. We plan or set goals using our dreams to guide us. Our hopes and emotions guide the experience. Sometimes we experience expected outcomes, sometimes we get close, and other times we feel the failure of not achieving what we planned. Then we dream again. It’s a beautiful cycle. But sometimes this cycle is interrupted. We stop dreaming.

If I’m not achieving something I am dreaming about, I want to know WHY? So I’ve asked the universe for some guidance.

We experience fear. Fear of the unknown if we were to accomplish the goal. Fear if the outcome isn’t as expected. Fear of perceived failure or success. Fear that once we accomplish this dream, the excitement of the ‘chase’ is done and then what?

We experience frustration. The frustration of when outcomes don’t match our expectations. The frustration that we have a timeline and that or a dream of ‘someday,’ and it never seems to come.

Sometimes we stop dreaming. We stop putting emotions and hope to our dreams. Rather than adjusting a dream, or honoring the experience, we might even give up on our dream.

When you are not experiencing the outcome you thought from your dream, is your perception success or failure? Are you stopping dreaming? What if the outcome was what you needed at that moment to push you to adjust your dream and your dream required a modification?

With the magnificence of the energy in the air right now, we might feel stuck, we failed, or the universe isn’t even listening to us at all. The universe is listening. It listens and delivers on the emotions and feelings you project outward. Project dreams and success, and when the universe delivers something that was not expected, see it as the opportunity to grow and adjust your dream. Now is not the time to stop dreaming, but adjust those dreams or dream MORE!

Believe you will manifest what is right for you. See it, feel it, breathe it, live it. You have that power. Spend time each day seeing, feeling and breathing your dream. In that exercise see yourself taking steps forward. Feel the joy of accomplishing and living the dream every day. If you feel fear, pinpoint the emotion that associated to the fear and then let it flow through you. Spend time each day until you gain clarity on your dream and any adjustments you may need to make. Keep your energy open, saying yes to all that is offered or shared with you. Pay attention to when you may be saying no, as this may take you out of the flow of what the universe is delivering to you.

Are you saying no because you expect something that may never come? This will put you in a place of perpetually waiting for the ‘perfect’ situation. The flow continues when you say yes and adjust along the way. You begin your new reality by creating it, and it begins with the cycle of dreaming.

Love and Light – Laurie

February 2017 – The Power of wandering and wondering…

Over the last ten years, I have developed a focused practice of regular wanderings.  When I was young I’m sure I did this during playtime, and later while out hiking in the woods, but as an adult, I think I forgot how to wander.  Life got busy!  As an adult, it felt like my wandering required purpose, focus or reason.  Like many, I veiled these excursions behind a vacation. It felt more comfortable to talk about a holiday, getaway or stay-cation and I always had an explanation if asked, “What did you do”?   Over time I became more comfortable sharing less, or not have a need for explaining anything.    Once while journaling alongside a creek in Sedona, I needed to move after numerous people would stop and ask what I was writing about.  It became an experiment to see how long I could sit before the first question. If I sat in meditation, they would ask what I was looking at, or what I was doing.    We seem to have expectations of ourselves and others.   I began to speak about my practice of wandering without expectation or purpose other than creating space to wonder.  What if you missed that greatest experience because you thought it should be something else?   What if the greatest experience was the experience?
As a new practice of adult wandering took form, each year I noticed I became more relaxed and the plan less defined.    Yes, there needs to be some structure and planning to unplug from the world of technology, schedules, and regular life responsibilities.   Things still need to be handled, but once those plans are in place the ability to unplug and relax is easier.  Wondering, and curiosity creates a fluid flow in events, and clarity in your journey opens.   What if my choice was based on the moment, location, emotion and what is presented to me?   What would the universe reveal to me?
2017 is a year of new beginnings, opportunities and another year of action.   2016 was about internal discovery and action on our inner being.   It was about figuring out the IAM energy, who you are so you know who you want along on the journey.  The forces of 2016 pushed us to stop old patterns and create space for new practices. The action energy of 2017 is now to align our authentic selves in communities, groups, and relationships that match our vibration.   Finding and collecting those that will travel with us on this next phase of our journey.    We’ll see multitudes of opportunities for this alignment.  To some, it may appear we are on a different path or are paving a new direction.  Others will experience a coming home and reconnection with old relationships.
When our movement of wandering becomes the opportunity of wondering and curiosity, we begin our alignment based on what matches our vibrational frequency.  We are no longer wandering aimlessly without vision, this is the time to design and plant with focus, but it is based upon the recent soul work we’ve done.
Through experiences, we change, grow and evolve.  It’s a year that supports this step in your personal and community evolution.   Take time for reflection when opportunities present themselves.  Say yes to discover what the universe wants to show to you.  What you are to experience is new, with new people, or with people that have shifted.  Be curious and wonder.
Take action – wander and wonder…
Love and Light – Laurie

January 2017 – Happy New Year

The magic of 2017 is quickly upon us.   Each year as we close out the present year, we hold hopes, dreams, wishes, and plans for a greater NEW YEAR.   
2017 is a magical year, and a beginning of a new cycle.  It is a ONE year (2+0+1+7 = 10 OR 1)  It is a beginning year.  It is the human spirit to hold energy for what is ahead and also a great time to honor what you agreed to upon your arrival here on Earth.   Our souls feel the energy of NEW !
As a magnificent human being, with a soul that holds great light – may 2017 provide to you all the gateways and opportunities for the manifestation of your dreams, desires and hopes.  
Much Love ! 
You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You may not like it or not, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.  Your body is complexly layered with auric energy for emotions, spiritual, intellect, energetic and etheric.
You are here to experience the spiritual essence in a human body. You are not meant to be idle but experience emotions and feelings and the full breadth of your earthly being as an individual as well as in relationship with other people, and events  
You are enrolled in a full-time, informal school called life. This is a path of everyday learning where each day  you will have the opportunity to learn as lessons. You may like the lessons and review them as opportunities or think them irrelevant and stupid.
Growth is a process of trial and error, experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works.” 
A lesson is presented to you in various forms until you have learned it, then you can go onto the next lesson.
There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.
When your “there” has become “here’, you will simply obtain other “there” that will again, look better than “here”. Be here, be present
You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.  Observe and learn.
You have all the tools and resources you need, what you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.
The answers to life’s questions lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

Healthy Frequencies 

lightDecember can be a busy, and stressful month. Catch my article in the December 2017 Twin Cities Natural Awakening Magazine,  The Giving Season  about the energy of stress and easy tips to ease the impacts of rogue energy. In the northern hemisphere we transition to winter season. Statistically is it the most stressful month, energetically it is to be the time where we pause, learn and adjust to what we’ve experienced over the last 11 months. It is our time to reflect on what we’ve planted and nurtured or didn’t plant or neglected to cultivate. It is a time of wisdom and knowledge and the opportunity to make adjustments and course correct and we prepare for transition to the season of spring. However, given the holiday season, and our busy-ness most of us don’t pause and reflect at this time. I recently returned from a long weekend in Sedona where I spent time hiking each day to connect, refresh and reflect. Without distraction, this time allowed me to reflect on my last 11 months. I do this to help me bring forward what I want to keep and release what I do not want to repeat. What did I nurture, and what did I miss by neglecting to nurture it. Where do I want to focus my energy, and where do I want to retract. 
2016, the IAM year, has been a year of change or loss for many people. I’m graced to interact daily with people that are experiencing significant life changes. Some good and some difficult change. Some people have experienced massive change or major disruptions in their lives bringing frustrating when they don’t understand ‘why’ the changes occurred. Some unexpected changes have left people overwhelmed, pushed to their limits, or that boundaries are quickly dissolving. They feel off their journey path and unmotivated. Some experience extreme happiness, abundance and are overwhelmed by those changes also, to the point of questioning if it will last, or are they deserving. It is a year that has tested us and has pushed us to grow exponential. I have understood this to be part of our evolution and an important phase we move through. Not all are at this point in their journey, but if you are, it is about learning acceptance without understanding. It is sometimes to grieve what was known, letting go of it, and trusting that all is as it should be. All is as it’s supposed to be. Trust, patience and letting go of what you believe to know, can be challenging energies to work through. It often means relinquishing control. Letting go of an expected outcome and trusting in the actual outcome.

Most of us are master fix-ers and solution-ers and our physical beings and our brains want to problem solve. We are thought generators and analytical in our reasoning, and we want to know why? In 2016 the universe delivered events that we weren’t expecting and we don’t have the solution. These events are to help us learn acceptance, trust, and gratitude. We don’t need to understand but we need to feel and experience them. We may go through a grieving process of letting go of something we thought to be before we are ready to focus energy somewhere else. We may need to move away from stress, fear and other emotions that have crippled us from moving forward on our journey. This is a shift from brain and low-frequency emotions to your heart energy, and love. Focusing here moves you forward towards collective change. 

2016 is the IAM year, and 2017 will be the Collective year. We will be drawn to and are to work with vibrationally aligned teams and individuals to bring changes to our environment and community. Keep your vibration at a healthy heart level, so you align your energy where you can make healthy change happen.

Expansion of the emotional body  

crystalline-outputRecently I wrote about love and peace and talked a little bit about the changes happening with our emotional body. The emotional body is the third layer of energy that surrounds your physical being. It resides approximately 1-5 inches around your physical body and exists between five layers of energy that surround your physical body. This space is the keeper of our energetic feelings. It is here where both our fears and celebrations reside in a frequency of emotional energy.
I see theses ‘bodies of energy’ as light or aura in various colors, density, or thickness. This year I saw a shift in the energy around people, and in the last few months, I have noticed an increased intensity in this aura. The changes include how it ebbs and flows, or shines. It sometimes appears to have holes or rough edges that require healing, patching or smoothing. My guides, and teachers have shared that we are going through a required expansion of this space as we move to new levels of consciousness. The shift in this area is for the preparation of our emotional body to hold more light and higher vibrational frequencies from our emotions, such as compassion, empathy, love and peace.

During this change, we are exposing and shedding low-frequency feelings that have been buried deep within our DNA and cellular structure. The low vibration frequencies can be from past and present lifetimes. We’ve experienced over a year of triggers and heightened awareness for everything that is a candidate for emotional discovery, understanding, and healing. People, situations, and events are the triggers that help us experience, feel, release, heal and open to new replacement energy. Without clearing old emotions, any expansion of the emotional body will fill with more old emotional frequency. Law of attraction will draw more like energy to you. Your experience is dependent on what you have to clear, how developed your emotional body already is, and what practices you have in place that support emotional healing.

The collective push is to evolve our emotional body by first understanding our emotions. If you feel a particular emotion triggered often, you may need to spend more time assessing what the emotion is behind what you are experiencing. It may not be from this lifetime. We are doing individual work as required, but we also are working as collective energy to help the masses clear energy so that we may elevate as communities. More light, love, and compassion in this space elevates our frequency. Raising our frequency with light and love moves us into a higher level of consciousness where we have access to universal codes and keys that have the ability to enhance the experiences in our lives.

Working through our emotional body energy can be frustrating and confusing. It is very common to experience the same emotion over and over again. If this is you, then your emotional body is going through many layers, and you’ve not yet experienced and released what is there to be understood and cleared. Avoiding this work only delays the inflow of high-frequency energy and creates the potential of the emotional body expanding with more of that same emotion that you are avoiding. Notice triggers, familiar feelings you experience across events, situations or people interactions. You need a current life event to trigger an emotional layer release. Hang in there, do this work, and make a focused effort to fill your life with stable emotional events, people, and situations. We’re being bombarded by negative media right now, so find happy and loving things to direct your focus.

Many questions recently about being empathic and how this is becoming harder. You may be tempted to shut down or become closed to emotions if you interpret this as uncomfortable and not part of the growth process. Perhaps this is an expansion in your emotional body where you are learning to be solid within our emotions of love and peace for when you are clear and stable here you can be compassionate and loving to others without feeling any ‘implied pain.’ An indication of your elevation of frequency is when you can balance chaos and low-frequency emotions without being impacted. Trying to protect is only an attempt to mask your feelings, and that only delays your personal growth.

The universe gives us samples and examples of what we need to work through. So in your empathy of another ask this: what is the emotion buried deep within myself that I may need to experience, feel, understand and release? You can be compassionate and loving to another’s experience without feeling their pain. You can honor them on their journey, hold them in light as they work through their emotional body.