February 2018 – Wander and Wonder –

I started my annual wandering trips some years ago. I’d spend some focused time hiking and hanging in the desert.

Family, and friends at the time thought I was crazy. I’d receive tips to put a rope around my sleeping bag to prevent snakes from crawling in with me or advice not to dig in the sand because scorpions like to hang there.

I’d notice their raised eyebrows as I’d talk about the importance of this desert time. There is still a place for common sense and practicality, but I was learning those fears didn’t have to be my fears. Throwing a sleeping bag down in the desert and sleeping under the stars had excitement and challenges.

I remember the first night vividly. It was sleepless as I wondered about snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions. Every sound was amplified. My senses were on high alert, on guard. Those external seeds of fears planted by others seemed to become my internal fears. I wasn’t able to enjoy the million dollar star view, and I didn’t relax until I saw the sunrise. I remember that first light of dawn, the beauty of the sky and a feeling of survival followed by a realization all my fears and beliefs were in my mind, followed by an understanding they weren’t initially my fears, but I’d somehow adopted and internalized them.

The second night came with different concerns, not of earthly creepy crawly things, but the ghosts of the desert. I see energy, so I saw a tribe move across the desert. I pulled the sleeping bag up and over my head and willed my body to go to sleep. Once again I was gifted with a brilliant sunrise and a lone crow that circled above me. Natures alarm clock was telling me to get moving. Those fears were mine and could let them go.

Some days later while journaling on the plane home, I realized the gift in that experience. The learning of how to discern my internal fears and the influence of external fears. How quickly either seemed to creep in. I gained new coping skills in handling these fears and anxiety. I had won a profound lesson of trust in myself, my travel buddy and the universe. Releasing fear is freeing, as it allows us to enjoy and experience life in another way.

So it is in life when we work through fears or roadblocks. The universe will find a new, different or more profound way for us to work our barriers. When we say YES to those things, we experience a different level of being, saying NO often holds us in place. There are times it’s important to say NO, and sometimes it’s difficult to discern what the answer should be or COULD be.

Over the years I began to call these trips my wanderings. A valuable time that I reserve just to wander and wonder. To stretch my boundaries, and push myself a bit. Over time it’s taught me to turn off the residue of a corporate-like time-clock and allow the universe to deliver the experience. It’s created space for knowledge, wisdom, and trust to creep in during unexpected times. Like waking up to see a coyote near me, thinking it was a dream, and then finding his scat at the feet of my sleeping bag. Or the experience of my SUV sunroof shattering while going through Albuquerque and observing and later reflecting on the quick actions of my travel mate while I remained in shock. Or after a long hike and a discovery of an off-trail desert ruin, but then realizing my phone had no reception, I’m alone, and no one knows where I am (including me) except my angels and guides. Life is learning and experiencing. This is how we come to know ourselves and others.

This year I will again have purposeful wandering with the intent of observing how I am in the world and how the world is. I know all my experiences will create adventures and opportunities to learn. How I view, these prospects will make the difference in how I experience them and what I learn and what the universe delivers next.

2018 is a year of collaboration, team, and community. It’s a year we step into greater awareness of our being, and that includes intuition. So I look forward to the experiences that teach me in these domains. It’s another year of heart-centered action, so I’m looking forward to using this as my compass.

I invite you to wander in 2018 to create a new experience of wonder.

Happy Heart Month. Shine On! Love and Light – Laurie
Key dates
Jan 31 – Full Moon & Total Lunar eclipse in Leo – I Will
Feb. 15 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – I Know

January 2018 – Happy New Year – What’s ahead?

Depending on how you look at numerology its a TWO year and an ELEVEN year.   (2+0+1+8) A TWO year is about collaboration, community development around the use of skills, knowledge, intuition, and creating new.   TWO is a feminine number, with more light and light energy continuing to flow to us.                
Eleven is a gateway number, and the planetary influences in 2018 may be precisely the portal energy many are looking for to continue their evolution to more collective communities, partnerships, and ways of being. The Veil (the layer of energy between worlds) is gone or nearly gone for most, and our preparation begins for transits and shifts of 2020 and 2025.    
Each astrological sign has a mantra that is aligned with the sign.  These are often used in reference to help explain the energy of a planetary or astrological point.  Your Sun and Moon sign are important indicators to how you will sense or feel the shifts of 2018.
Aries – I Am
Taurus- I Have
Gemini – I Think
Cancer – I Feel
Leo – I Will
Virgo – I Analyze
Libra – I Balance
Scorpio – I Desire
Sagittarius – I Aim
Capricorn – I Use
Aquarius – I Know
Pisces – I Believe
The planets create a vortex of energy to hold us static or push us in dynamic space for our internal or external growth.  
Planets that impact our personal being are Mercury, Venus, and Mars and these all relate to emotions, drive, and how we are each day.  Planets that represent what happens external to our being, but is influential in our world are Saturn and  Jupiter.   Saturn often shows us where there is a restriction, and Jupiter can highlight the opportunity for expansiveness.   During a time of Saturn influence, you might see more obvious limitations in your life, and something that is out of your control.   Jupiter would be an event or situation that causes an expansion somewhere in your life, also external influenced.   Pluto represents the underworld (revolution).   Uranus is about unexpected change that helps us align or progress quickly, and Neptune is Spirit or Consciousness growth.    
Retrogrades are when the planets seem to move backward through the signs, but the energy at the time of a retrograde is to help us take all the external influences we’ve had up to a point and integrate within.  It’s like a universal test of what we’ve learned or experienced.  Much like a test, how much will you retain and how much will you forget and move on.  It’s a time of pause or slows down for us to acclimate to any external changes and shifts that we want to embody in our life.   Retrograde is purposeful, but can also create angst if it feels we are slowed down from progress, but the intent is for us to slow down and align.
The veil is the energy between worlds, and since 2012 I’ve spoken about the thinning of the veil until a time of its nonexistence.  For many, this is now, and the veil continues to only exist through fear and the act of ‘protecting’ oneself from the unknown.   If I were to give you a few things to leave behind in 2017, it would be these.
  • Redirect energy from fear and needing to protect yourself in a bubble of energy to and shining your light.  Knowing the use and strength of your light casts more light outward and shatters fear.  Feeling the need to shield your energy field is fear based and not part of the consciousness teachings in this new era. 
  •  Feel, and not be fearful of feeling your emotions.  We are emotional beings that use our emotions as our compass.  In a time of community, we use our emotions as a healthy way to interact and be with those who are vibrationally aligned.  
  •  Redirect feelings you have to heal everything to being complete and moving forward.  What would it feel like if you leave old wounds behind and direct your focus of energy towards joy, happiness, and love?   Old emotions may resurface but how quickly you can align back with joy, happiness, and love will help keep you on track for your journey.  
  • The primary focus of energy is light-based.    
  •  Be authentic to what you want, desire, and where you want to be.  It takes energy to be false in relationships, activities, and places where you have to hold a fake vibration to sustain.  It’s healthy to say no.
  • Living heart-centered.  Teachings or fear of not being grounded are also old teachings and not of this energy era.  Be heart-centered, and all is aligned.
Let Light be, let love be,  let it be, and let yourself be you while surrounding yourself with those that allow and support you to be your authentic you.  You are an amazingly powerful being.  Shine this!
Intents vs. Resolutions
Rather than set New Year’s resolutions of doing something, focus energy on intent of how you want to feel and be. Sometimes the planetary influence can provide additional energy to help move things along, or by slowing things down so clarity can be experienced.  2018 is a year of collaboration, teaming, higher intuition, partnership and self-realization of your journey.   Below are some key dates and planetary influences for 2018 that may help you on your journey.   
Key Energy Dates for 2018
Dec  19, 2017 to Jan 8, 2018 – Mercury retrograde from earth-sign Capricorn to fire-sign Sagittarius.
Jan 2 –  First Full Moon of 2018
Jan 31 – Full Moon and Total Lunar eclipse in Leo –  I Will
Feb. 15 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – I Know
March 1 and March 31 –  Full Moon
March 18 to July 10 – Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio –  Jupiter is expansiveness- retrograde is slowing it down.  Intents on I Desire. 
March 20 – Spring Equinox
April 9 – May 3  Mercury retrograde from earth-sign Taurus to fire-sign Aries.   A check in on who I AM
April 17 to Sept 6  – Saturn retrograde in Capricorn show where there may be restrictions
April 17, Chiron Enters Aries (return of who IAM in the collective) then is retrograde July 5 to Dec. 9
April 22 to Sept 30 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, how am I Using who IAM
May 15 – Uranus enters Taurus –  (I Have) Physical Reality, technology, inspiration, intuition
June 18 to Nov 24 – Neptune retrograde in Pisces – Neptune is Spirit – inner work.  I Believe, a checkpoint of beliefs
June 21 – Summer Solstice
June 26 to Aug. 27 – Mars retrograde. Mars is drive.  We re-assess our current projects, our approach to getting what we want but rather than directly asserting our desires, we tend towards introspection.
July 12 – Partial Solar eclipse in Cancer
July 27 – total Lunar eclipse in Aquarius  – I Know
Aug. 7 to Jan 6  – Uranus retrograde in Aries – Uranus is quick change/lightening – inner shift created by external influence
Aug 11 – Partial solar eclipse in Leo –  I Will
August 12 to September 5 , Mercury Retrograde –  From earth-sign Virgo, ends in fire-sign Leo.
Sept 22 – Fall Equinox
Oct 5 to Nov 16 – Venus Retrograde – assess what and who we value, getting married or starting new relationships
December 3 to  December 22  Mercury Retrograde-  in fire-sign Sagittarius.
Dec 21 – Winter Solstice – Full Moon Dec 22
Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie

December 2017 – Holiday Traditions: Tis the Season

The period between December 12 and December 21 is always an excellent time for us to release energies.  We may become busy with the holiday season, but spirit somehow always finds ways to help us slow our pace so that we may focus within.   This is a nine-day span, but what about the 12 days of Christmas?   In some cultures, there are the 12 days of blessings, and this may be a simple reminder to focus on the energy at that moment.   I like to look at this period as the 12 days of gratitude and blessing for all that is, and all that is possible.
There are also some significant planetary transitions happening this time of year where we move from energy that has influenced our AIM for the last few years, to energy of USE.  This includes a deeper understanding of our power and perhaps how to put to use.  The strength of 2018 will provide numerous transitions and help for us to move along on our journey. 
This time of year also helps us hold a vigil on intent.  Various ‘festivals of light’ are celebrated, and have been for thousands of years, serving as a reminder that the light will indeed return after the darkest day.  (Dec. 21)  Ceremonies and events of many cultures used fire as a sacred element.   The purpose was to allow it to burn for the night with the purpose to burn off one’s dross or rubbish (English term), the ‘stuff’ we no longer need, and thus to reveal our gold (the golden light).   In some cultures it is a deliberate, intense and an intent-full night of dancing, drumming, rattling, chanting, meditating, healing, and holding space for this light.  Perhaps December 31st celebration of New Years mimics this tradition, and through time it’s been aligned with the Calendar year.      
In December as many are experiencing a final push of inward work, we can also be reminded of our perception of perfection.   I believe we are always ‘perfect,’ though at times we might not feel at our best, we are experiencing all we need for our particular journey.   I’m sharing my Christmas tree images from a few years ago as a reminder of when we might start something like the perfect vision or an expected outcome, only to have something or someone shift that view.  In this case, the perfect Christmas tree ended as the perfectly decorated Christmas ‘toy’ if you were a cat.   The universe will continue to provide opportunities for us to view our life in multiple ways.  Perfect or the chance to change. Finding peace, joy, humor, compassion, love and understanding for whatever the experience.
Winter Solstice December 21.   It is the midpoint of winter or the shortest day of daylight and the longest point of darkness.   The world is very still and the land dormant,  much like what happens within us when we go through dormant cycles.    In this quietness,  it is an opportunity to contemplate a ‘season’ past or the ‘season’ that was and then the ‘seasons’ yet to come.   Much like when the earth goes dormant, there remains internal growth and that is what we should continue to nurture.   
Peace, love, light, joy, laughter, happiness and understanding for all that you are, and all that you experience.    
Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie

November 2017 – Create the Ripple 

Hello, fall and the winds of change! Cool weather, rain and traditionally a time of introspection. The portal that opened on 10-22 opened a gateway to change. This change-gateway came with an overwhelming force of energy that is pushing us. We began feeling its force after the August eclipse, and it’s been intensifying since. Are you allowing the power to drive you through the portal, or are you experiencing aches from your attempt to stay in any old life patterns, or are you feeling knocked down and fearful of even getting up? You want to be in the flow and using this force to move you along. 
We’ve been working on our internal selves for much of this year, and much of this work was discernment and understanding of the inner you. It was about preparing for what is ahead. It is a year of learning about what you truly want, and who you are based on an expansion of your emotional body. Once this is complete, you align. This is often the ‘What’s Next.’ To get to ‘What’s Next,’ we floated in the void for a bit, testing the waters a bit, but not entirely committing but observing and gaining confidence in our newly discovered self. You might be in the void yet. You might know what you want next but are still watching, reviewing, or refining. You might be stuck looking for all the analytical details with reliable facts, plans and a perfect roadmap that you can follow. You might already be riding the waves of energy of change. In all cases, you will notice a rawness in your emotions and uneasiness in your gut on this journey. 

You have learned a lot about yourself in the last few years. Your stamina, breaking points, what brings and steals your joy and who you want on your journey. The movement forward flows when you are in alignment of the true you. Perhaps what you thought you wanted was not really what was next for you and now you are making adjustments. Maybe your vision morphed into something more significant or different, and now you are observing that and deciding if it still fits. Perhaps you picked up a few like-minded souls along this new path. It’s the shift within the shift. 

So how do we make the most of this energy surge? It is essential energy because the universe delivers on what we ask for, not with our minds but with our hearts and emotional strength. Raw emotion. As small as your movement may be, it does create a more significant ripple effect. Emotions begin generating a vibration that the universe can then deliver on. Pure joy in what you are doing, will bring more true joy. 

Start small and understand it may take a bit of time for the ripple to grow and feel sturdy. This is where many give up or get frustrated or angry and don’t understand that those emotions then create a different ripple of THAT energy. Stay true to your joy and be patient. Don’t muddy the water (ripple) with confusion. Stay true, stay pure.

Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie

October 2017 – Out Of the Void

Welcome, October and goodbye summer and crazy energy most of us experienced in July-August and September! Summer 2017 transformation energy came in unexpected waves and swirls that pushed us to our limits. We experienced three massive and numerous smaller portals of change. We have one left to go.

Some have described 2017 as the most challenging year yet. Many reached a point of breaking and the feeling of just wanting to be ‘done.’ Some became tired of asking for insight and direction. Many struggled with relationships and old wounds that dug deep in their souls. We became exhausted with the feeling we were on the brink of something great, only to have the quick-shift energy of Uranus have those opportunities disappear. Some became hesitant to ‘try again.’ We’ve been in the void, and we’re tired of feeling unsafe, unsure and unclear about what’s next. This old energy is about to POP, and we have been feeling it, anticipating its energetic release. We want clarity.

The summer of 2017 had incredible light from the universe and solar flares pouring into our atmosphere. This light illuminated shadow energy, and we experience a tumultuous year. We had to go deep into our core being and prepare for our shift. Other planets supported and helped direct the light, so personal illumination could become possible. We experienced the elements of earth, air, water, fire (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and volcanoes and fire) as the universe and planetary energy grids shifted. The void we feel is our personal power networks shifting. We’ve left old paradigms, and we’ve not yet plugged into our new energy grid. Some of us have plugged into new systems, but the power to those systems hasn’t been activated yet. It is normal to feel confused and scared during this massive transition in our frequency. This chaos and tension will continue, but YOU have shifted, and most will choose to leave the vortex of chaos and enter one that is calmer, loving and more aligned to soul journey goals and passions.

As the new power grids activate and we are plugin we may experience new jobs, relationships, projects or in general a new outlook on life. This energy frequency is meant to propel us forward with our dreams and passions. The last of the 2017 energy portals open on October 22, and it is more positive energy for change vs. the chaotic energy we’ve felt in the past. This frequency is in alignment with higher consciousness, community, and compassion.

A few things to remember:
Frequency is everything, and everything is frequency. Stay aligned to true-you, and you will BE the correct vibrational frequency to catch the waves of change.
How you expect to show up is the reality of your energy. Be self-positive. In this time of external energy be socially responsible with your power. Be aware of external controlling influences that attempt to control or shift your true-you frequency. Media is an example where we are ‘told’ how to think, feel, live and act. The media is not able to keep up with all global events, so it chooses what to present. Use discernment in what is right for your frequency.
We remain under some energy influences of indecisiveness. Clarity should come later this year. Give it time – focus on clarity through meditation, exercise, and by removing energy that doesn’t serve you.

Be open and accepting of this new-energetic you and you will experience some amazing new connections and events in your life that are better aligned because they ARE true-you.

Shine On!
Love and Light – Laurie

September 2017 -Path Reset 

August was an energy packed month. Many of us didn’t realize the punch that this eclipse would contain.  It was a reset for us.  A golden opportunity to turn the light switch off on those things that weren’t working for us, and flipping on the light to new energy for what our future selves need.   This switch continues to bring illumination to new areas of our lives and soul alignment.  This energy can feel confusing as we leave behind old and start new, or are waiting to start something new.   

If you find yourself still in a place of your life that is not working for you, there still is time remaining in this year to shift, and for some, this change may be sudden.   We’ve been waiting for this portal of change whether we are consciously aware of it or are only aware of it at the soul level.   The soul always knows.  The portal opened, the light was shone, and many stepped into a higher power of their greater self.

Mercury goes directly in Leo 28 degrees on Tuesday, September 5.  If you were able to catch my two free conference calls in September, I explained the eclipse energy and this pivotal place we are now in our lives to step into our authentic power.  Mercury direct in early September offers another opportunity of universal forces to push us forward.   Buckle in and say YES to those areas that bring you peace, joy, love, laughter and are in alignment with your soul purpose.   Watch and observe those divinely orchestrated events that appear.

Use the full moon on September 6 to release any residual energy or sadness that has tagged along.  The full moon is about illumination and shining a feminine energy on to our dreams.  We are yet in the early stages of tweaking our actions for more perfection of alignment.    The New moon on September 20 will be about the support you have around these dreams and visions.  Who are the helpers that aligned with you?

Relationships continue to shift in September.  Expect this as you are adjusting in your field of energy and observe what these changes may mean.  Old relationships may circle back for additional work, or a reconnection now that you are aligned.    These also are providing us with opportunities for learning but also

August 2017 – Eclipse Energies –

We’ve been waiting for the Lion’s Gate, Lunar and Solar Eclipse!   

August is an energy packed month. There is a Full Moon on Monday, August 7 that is a partial lunar eclipse, followed by the Lion’s gate portal opening on August 8 and the New Moon on August 21 is a solar eclipse that is visible across a path of North America.

Eclipse energy has always fascinated me. This is the energy many of us have been feeling and waiting for !  It’s tremendously creative and has the power and punch to etherically push us along on our journey.

The energy of the eclipses always brings a twist that you won’t expect. Some eclipses are challenging while others bear gifts and opportunities. Few cosmic events are capable of bringing such dramatically good news. August is one of these months of opportunity and shift.

What are a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse?

-A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon. A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points. They bring up memories, dreams, and emotions, so they often pack a big punch. – An eclipse of the moon will center more on the prominent women in your life (mother, wife, or female boss, for instance). This is not always the case, but you will find this will be a good rule of thumb. This may also impact the feminine side of your body (left side) and lots of movement in our hips and lower back, so you might be energetically feeling it here.


– A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse is always a new moon and in astrology tends to mark new beginnings. – An eclipse of the Sun will more likely focus you on a prominent male in your life (father, husband, boss, or another key man). This energy often is felt in the head or sinuses and this month’s intensity may create some pressure there as well as foggy-ness.


Solar eclipses – Represent New Beginnings – most the time it means HAPPY. (Occasionally something may end too, but the accent will be more on the start than the finish.)  If something ends, it means you were not aligned on your path.  The changes could come gradually or suddenly. Still, the news or timing of those changes often comes as a surprise. If a solar eclipse falls on or within a few days of your birthday, you will certainly feel the effects of it over the course of the year. Changes will be complete by the time you reach your next birthday.


Eclipses come in pairs, always as a new moon and full moon two weeks apart and come up every five-and-a-half months. The eclipses in February 2017 gave us clues to how this energy may be directed now in August.

At eclipse time, we realize that we can’t control everything – they are meant to help us to evolve and to become more mature, seasoned, reflective, and philosophical. This is a time to expect the unexpected and to allow space for the unexpected. Be in your heart and not as much in your head thinking how ‘things’ should be. This is the space the universe fills in something different or better than what you’d thought of. It sometimes doesn’t feel this way, but these eclipses are about evolution and alignment of our soul as we progress to higher dimensions of being, all while gaining access to more aspects of information. So the unexpected might be something that’s not even on your radar as you evolve to new space.

Events that follow an eclipse have more weight than events brought on by a typical new or full moon. In fact, an eclipse is like a new or full moon on steroids! The events brought on by an eclipse often pack much more punch and may even bring on an event that seems “fated.”

Keep this rule in mind: The universe will not abide empty space. Whenever a vacuum is created, the universe rushes to fill it. Have faith that this will happen in your life and all that you “lose” will be replaced. Often the next stage turns out to be far better than the one you just left.


Points to Keep in Mind

  1. Eclipses are dramatic “wild cards” in our horoscopes that we don’t see coming.
  2. Eclipses bring news of big life events.
  3. Eclipses always bring unexpected changes of direction
  4. You may feel like you are walking across a bridge to a new land at eclipse time.
  5. Eclipses will always play with our sense of time and change it by compressing it and speeding things up.
  6. Eclipses can help you do things you never thought you could do, overcome fears, and show yes, you CAN do it!
  7. The ancients always wrote that if you act under an eclipse, especially a full moon eclipse (lunar), the plan will not work out quite the way you expected.
  8. Often a lunar eclipse will remove a person or element in your life that you thought you needed but don’t.
  9. Keep this rule in mind: The universe will not abide empty space. Whenever a vacuum is created, the universe rushes to fill it.
  10. Take note of ALL news and signals you get near eclipses.

During the intensity of August energy, create time to expand the space for the universe to fill in. When things begin to show up, you’ll get to decide to take action or not. Remember taking no action is taking the action of doing nothing, so be aware of the focus of what you want.

July 2017 – Stepping into your Power – Open Door

Stepping into your Power –  Open Doors

Evolution never stops.  If we understand what’s going on, and use the energy that is present, we can better navigate it.   The analytical part of us always wants to know WHY when sometimes there is not a WHY – it just is.   June was a power-packed month with many portals of energy opening up.   Many of you shared your photos of the rainbow light around the sun, and orbs of light.   I see these as physical reminders that the helpers of the universe surround us to assist in any transformation and the last six months continued the theme of change.  With the veil thinning each year, and our evolution continuing we have the opportunity to experience the intensity of this energy. 

Some true feelings I’ve heard:

  • I’m tired of this energy and change,
  • I’m a little lost
  • I’m a little scared – things are changing around me,  or things didn’t turn out the way I wanted, thought or that are good for me. 
  • I’m confused – I thought I understood my direction and it suddenly changed. Was I wrong?

Interesting that when life becomes uncomfortable, we view it is bad, or wrong when the reality is that contrast in our emotions continues to create the perfect transformational storm.  

The energies of summer are loving. However, the intensity of this energy is meant to help us fulfill our dreams and visions.    Helping us realize the power of our internal compass (emotions) to course correct.

You’ve been in a larger portal since May of 2012, as you’ve expanded your ability to connect with your feelings, heart, and others on an emotional level.  That’s hard work.  Not brain work, but heart work.  Well done !!    So if ‘things’ still have an emotional sting to them, you are doing THAT heart work. 

 What to do in this summer of love and illumination:

  • pay attention to what is the universe showing you in contrast of what you want, don’t want and are experiencing
  • Relax when you feel the energy intensity, develop healthy habits
  • Continue to focus where you direct your energy

The doors are open – so believe they are open.   

June 2017 – In the Void 

Last months newsletter talked about breaking loops and patterns.  Did you find any? At the end of every cycle, and the beginning of every new period, there is a moment of transition.  This is the VOID.   It may last for any amount of time.  A time of feeling or emotion, or many years of deep inner work.  It can feel unsettling, and often during this period you may feel displaced.  The transition may require patience to endure the absence of something,  a knowing, the lack of certainty about who you are and why you are here on this planet.   A void may open up between one moment and the anticipation of the next related moment.   When will I feeling this again, when will I know, when will the next feeling of security come,  when will I feel prosperous or happy.   We can spiral into feelings in an attempt to force an outcome that might not be in alignment with where we are to go.  
The universe is providing us a tremendous amount of options right now, and that too can be confusing. What should I do?  What if it’s wrong?   If you can accept that place in the cosmic void as preparations for your next cycle of manifestation, if you understand that darkness is holding you with love, not with overwhelm, fear or doubt, then you can relax and let the preparations be what it must be.   Then when the ‘next’ is,  you will be well equipped for what is to be next, unforced and aligned.   Your focus remains to understand what it is you desire, want and focus your energy in that place.    The universe will show you very quickly if there is a misstep. When you are at your optimum vibrational frequency and suddenly are out of alignment,  being uncomfortable will be evident.    You will probably feel it physically as you have attempted to avoid the emotional and energetic indicators.
There are areas and steps of your transition process unfolding that you just cannot know about yet.  You are not ready, or it is not time.  The universe delivers on feelings, so feeling it will never come, or it won’t be right, or it will be limiting, will deliver exactly that.  Divine timing and the universe will keep bringing it back to you for review. 
It is helpful to understand that when the time is right for whatever is next for you, it will show itself.  For now, only deal with what is immediately before you.  Notice if the same is presenting itself.  In other words, are you avoiding or pushing something away that is the ‘next’ for you but fear or a belief as to how it ‘should be’ is creating a hindrance or blind spot.   
We are all growing, stretching, and shifting.   You do not have to worry, and you do not have to search.  Use your energy on being present, patient and responsible for anything you are putting out in to the universe.  Plant the seeds to forward you, nurture them, watch, accept help when aligned, adjust and let it become what it must be according to spiritual wisdom and love.   
Helpful Questions to ponder:
  1. Have I ended a cycle and am in the void?
  2. Am I focusing my energy on seeds of the future, or expending energy on fear, worry, or the past?
  3. What tools, techniques or practices do I have that bring calmness, patience, and quiet my mind?
  4. Do my tools no longer work and I need to replace them?
  5. Do I have support that allows me to voice dreams and passions and be in this void as I continue to manifest my ‘next’? 
  6. Do I have fixed expectations of what next ‘should be’?
  7. When the ‘next’ arrives am I prepared to see it, feel it and celebrate it?
Love and Light – Laurie

May 2017 –  Breaking Loops.   Utilize forwarding energy that is available now.

We are all breaking loops.  Another word for loops might be patterns or things that no longer serve us on our journey path.   It is the shift energy we are experiencing now.    This change energy is all about your journey and further evolution of the soul, and so any loops that are holding you in status quo of your experiential journey are being given the opportunity to change them or go around the loop again.   Different job, but same situation?   Different relationship, but same feelings?  These are loops.
Steps for Breaking the Loop
1.   Finding the loop –   the First step is to recognize if this is a loop.    If you find yourself expressing frustration about finding yourself in the same situation again, or desiring something new because it always feels the same,  these are clues this may be a loop.
2.  Observation –  You’ve been working on your emotional body to help you identify our authentic emotions.  Genuine feelings on what you like or don’t like. What feels good, or what doesn’t bring joy.  Your filter has changed, and you begin to look at and experience life from a ‘feeling’ perspective.  Now you begin to make choices on the emotional value versus material, or obligation.
3.  Stopping the Loop – at any time in the loop, you have the ability to shift it.  Each moment provides a unique opportunity to change the loop.  Energy may come in the form of action (and even non-action is action), having a different expectation of the outcome,  declaring a new self IAM,  loving and accepting where you currently are, playing with it, using your voice or intuition.    The seven lower chakras are open, activated and provided the entry point for the external energy sources to pour in to help you in this shift.   (See Laurie’s book Becoming a New Frequency and Use of Higher Energy. )
4.  Deciding –  Do The Work.   Years ago when I was working with a group in Sedona, I printed up t-shirts that said DO THE WORK, as a reminder that there is work to be done, and it is a decision.  Telling the universe, you are shifting and then stepping towards change is the starting line.   You may not see the finish line today, but you can define your starting line.  
5. Understand you have all the resources around you to do this work.  Be open to receiving and saying YES to what presents itself as it may not look like you expected it.   Help may come in many forms, and not all are earthbound.  Our ancestors loved ones, angels, guides and ascended masters are interacting with us now to help us.  Before you say NO, or give up, allow space for the unexpected to step in and plant energetic seeds there.   2017 is more community-based energy, so going it alone isn’t always the path you should follow.  Fear, doubt, worry may become weeds in your dream garden.
6.   Identify and focus where you DO want to put your energy.   To get out of the loop don’t concentrate on the old loop! Any backward focus is only to learn and can pull you unsuspecting back into that loop of energy.  Fear of going back into old loop patterns will also create that same pull.    Focus on change, direction, desires and if you’ve identified your passions (we can have more than one) focus there.   Like attracts like and we attract to us our those things that are vibrating equally to our emotional vibrational patterns. 
7.  Take action.  The universe is ever evolving so even the smallest of steps or energy in the new direction will begin a course correct for your journey.  Remember no action is action, and without giving the universe something to contribute energy to, you could be at a standstill just waiting. 
8.  Patience. The universe has a pace. If you have energized a new direction the universe will act but it may not be the timeline you believe it should be.  Don’t give up and sabotage your own efforts.  Sabotaging or giving up is also a loop, and that might be the one you get to break.  Have faith and trust. 
The energies of May and June are highly charged for forwarding action.  You may feel them as pushes and uncomfortable surges that will push you forward.  Your work will be to break the loop and use these energies to evolve to what is next.  To work effectively with the potential of these surges set your course!
Love and Light – Laurie