Spring Wishes

This spring feels different. I’ve been hearing this quite a bit lately. I’ve also been asked recently when is all this ‘crazy’ energy going to stop. Well, this WONDERFUL energy won’t be stopping anytime soon, but our souls are pushing us to new levels and this may be what is feeling uncomfortable. These are levels of energy we’ve not experienced in this lifetime. Many of us may be struggling with this energy, with this ‘mystery’ feeling. Many of us don’t know what we are ‘supposed’ to do, nor how to get to where we are ‘supposed to be’. On the flip side, some or learning to flow with this energy and enjoy it. Which are you … going with the flow, or fighting it upstream.

When I find myself in a feeling of rudderless energy, or a feeling of floating emotions, I go within. This is the best time to simply be still, be quiet and go within to seek your inner voice. This is the time to lean to what your heart is telling you.

Be still my friends and listen to your soul. You really do know once you quiet the outside noises that continue to distract you.