Spring Planting – Planting Seeds for growth !

It is that time of year again, where we find ourselves wanting to celebrate mother earth’s vibrancy with the colors she produces. We plant bright flowers in pots and set them as an entry point to our homes. We feel happy, as do our visitors when they enter our homes. Magnificent colors welcome all.

Here in Minnesota there is still snow on the ground, but we have begun to plant seeds or seedlings indoors, and when the weather warms we move the plants outdoors. We like to write our intents or those things we want to manifest in our lives on a piece of paper and put that paper in the bottom of the planters. Cover the paper with dirt and then add seeds or seedlings. It is symbolic of planting your intents or your dreams and is a reminder of these intents each day as you watch the seeds grow.

You may also rainbow-colored tumbled or rough stones over the tops of your flower pots, an arrangement of rocks, or bowl of rocks, creates a sense of peace, harmony, and joy around your entrance, and sets up a symbolic rainbow bridge of protection between your home and the spirit world. The color of the crystals – red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise blue, indigo, and violet – also links to the chakras, your spiritual energy centers, so you will benefit from an energy boost every time you enter your home.

For 2 flower pots – choose two of the same tumbled stone from each rainbow color, one for each flower pot.

Red : Garnet, red jasper, ruby
Orange: Carnelian, orange calcite
Yellow : amber, golden beryl, topaz, citrine
Green: aventurine, chrysoprase, malachite
Turquoise, blue, blue/green : aquamarine, celestite, turquoise
Indigo : lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalite
Violet: amethyst, lavender (purple) jade, sugilite

Properties of stones : using a selection of these crystals protects your home and brings purifying energy, joy and happiness, love and devotion, creativity and vitality, trust and peace, compassion, success positive health and wellbeing good fortune inside your home.

Crystal Energizing
To be done prior to planting : Choose your rainbow stones, place in a bowl, and leave them to energize in the sun for 24 hours. Wait for a showery, sunny day and the crystal will be exposed to the powerful energy of a rainbow. Now hold the stones in yours hands individually and ask each stone to prevent any unwanted intrusions in your home,. Ask them to surround you with their unique love an compassion. As you touch and gaze at each on, let their rainbow colors inspire you and your family with creativity and success at school and at work, continued prosperity and health, and ask that they instill in you peace and hope for the future. Now scatter your seven stones over the top of each pot and leave them to do their work


A Blue Jay Message

For two days now I have been hearing and seeing two very large Blue Jays around my neighborhood. They’ve called to me when I’ve pulled in the empty garbage containers, and again when I went to the mail box. I’ve acknowledged them and the wisp of blue I see in their flight as they fly over the white snow. Today as I was making tea, I looked out my kitchen window to see one of the Blue Jays looking back at me. I laughed and told myself he was only looking at himself in the reflection of the glass of the window. As I walked past my patio door I noticed the second Blue Jay sitting on the lid of my sage pot that was on my deck. I’d moved its the small table is usually sat on, and had placed the pot directly on the deck over night. The water on its base froze, securing it tightly to the deck. The Blue Jay was sitting on the lid of my sage pot, and the contrast of the red pot, the white snow and the Blue Jay stopped me. He turned his head looked at me and I made direct eye contact with him. He then very loudly squawked at me and took flight.

I decide to look up Blue Jay in the animal sprit book and it says.

Rather than dabbling in the spiritual / metaphysical realm, choose a path to explore and go as far as you can with it Asses s your main gifts and talents, develop a plan as to how you can best use them, and then take clear and purposeful action Choose one or two of the projects you’ve started and finish them. Pay close attention to nonverbal clues that tell you when someone is trying to deceive you. Whatever the situation that has triggered some fear, attack it boldly and courageously.

I don’t believe the message is about the two last sentences, though the last few days – weeks may have put some sadness, wondering and worry in our minds. I feel the message is more about change. It’s a calling or a SQUAWKING to all of us to wake to our gifts , our knowing and action them with our heart. It’s about choosing this newness we feel as the ignition to something greater that is on its way. Move into action and belief that our souls knows what it is that we are to be doing. For those that know me closely you know I always work on many projects. I welcome creative energy and creative ideas that manifest into greatness.   I ask you to share in a goal with me, in taking your creative gifts and manifesting them to greatness.

Love and Light

Spring Wishes

This spring feels different. I’ve been hearing this quite a bit lately. I’ve also been asked recently when is all this ‘crazy’ energy going to stop. Well, this WONDERFUL energy won’t be stopping anytime soon, but our souls are pushing us to new levels and this may be what is feeling uncomfortable. These are levels of energy we’ve not experienced in this lifetime. Many of us may be struggling with this energy, with this ‘mystery’ feeling. Many of us don’t know what we are ‘supposed’ to do, nor how to get to where we are ‘supposed to be’. On the flip side, some or learning to flow with this energy and enjoy it. Which are you … going with the flow, or fighting it upstream.

When I find myself in a feeling of rudderless energy, or a feeling of floating emotions, I go within. This is the best time to simply be still, be quiet and go within to seek your inner voice. This is the time to lean to what your heart is telling you.

Be still my friends and listen to your soul. You really do know once you quiet the outside noises that continue to distract you.