December 2017 – Holiday Traditions: Tis the Season

The period between December 12 and December 21 is always an excellent time for us to release energies.  We may become busy with the holiday season, but spirit somehow always finds ways to help us slow our pace so that we may focus within.   This is a nine-day span, but what about the 12 days of Christmas?   In some cultures, there are the 12 days of blessings, and this may be a simple reminder to focus on the energy at that moment.   I like to look at this period as the 12 days of gratitude and blessing for all that is, and all that is possible.
There are also some significant planetary transitions happening this time of year where we move from energy that has influenced our AIM for the last few years, to energy of USE.  This includes a deeper understanding of our power and perhaps how to put to use.  The strength of 2018 will provide numerous transitions and help for us to move along on our journey. 
This time of year also helps us hold a vigil on intent.  Various ‘festivals of light’ are celebrated, and have been for thousands of years, serving as a reminder that the light will indeed return after the darkest day.  (Dec. 21)  Ceremonies and events of many cultures used fire as a sacred element.   The purpose was to allow it to burn for the night with the purpose to burn off one’s dross or rubbish (English term), the ‘stuff’ we no longer need, and thus to reveal our gold (the golden light).   In some cultures it is a deliberate, intense and an intent-full night of dancing, drumming, rattling, chanting, meditating, healing, and holding space for this light.  Perhaps December 31st celebration of New Years mimics this tradition, and through time it’s been aligned with the Calendar year.      
In December as many are experiencing a final push of inward work, we can also be reminded of our perception of perfection.   I believe we are always ‘perfect,’ though at times we might not feel at our best, we are experiencing all we need for our particular journey.   I’m sharing my Christmas tree images from a few years ago as a reminder of when we might start something like the perfect vision or an expected outcome, only to have something or someone shift that view.  In this case, the perfect Christmas tree ended as the perfectly decorated Christmas ‘toy’ if you were a cat.   The universe will continue to provide opportunities for us to view our life in multiple ways.  Perfect or the chance to change. Finding peace, joy, humor, compassion, love and understanding for whatever the experience.
Winter Solstice December 21.   It is the midpoint of winter or the shortest day of daylight and the longest point of darkness.   The world is very still and the land dormant,  much like what happens within us when we go through dormant cycles.    In this quietness,  it is an opportunity to contemplate a ‘season’ past or the ‘season’ that was and then the ‘seasons’ yet to come.   Much like when the earth goes dormant, there remains internal growth and that is what we should continue to nurture.   
Peace, love, light, joy, laughter, happiness and understanding for all that you are, and all that you experience.    
Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie