Expansion of the emotional body  

crystalline-outputRecently I wrote about love and peace and talked a little bit about the changes happening with our emotional body. The emotional body is the third layer of energy that surrounds your physical being. It resides approximately 1-5 inches around your physical body and exists between five layers of energy that surround your physical body. This space is the keeper of our energetic feelings. It is here where both our fears and celebrations reside in a frequency of emotional energy.
I see theses ‘bodies of energy’ as light or aura in various colors, density, or thickness. This year I saw a shift in the energy around people, and in the last few months, I have noticed an increased intensity in this aura. The changes include how it ebbs and flows, or shines. It sometimes appears to have holes or rough edges that require healing, patching or smoothing. My guides, and teachers have shared that we are going through a required expansion of this space as we move to new levels of consciousness. The shift in this area is for the preparation of our emotional body to hold more light and higher vibrational frequencies from our emotions, such as compassion, empathy, love and peace.

During this change, we are exposing and shedding low-frequency feelings that have been buried deep within our DNA and cellular structure. The low vibration frequencies can be from past and present lifetimes. We’ve experienced over a year of triggers and heightened awareness for everything that is a candidate for emotional discovery, understanding, and healing. People, situations, and events are the triggers that help us experience, feel, release, heal and open to new replacement energy. Without clearing old emotions, any expansion of the emotional body will fill with more old emotional frequency. Law of attraction will draw more like energy to you. Your experience is dependent on what you have to clear, how developed your emotional body already is, and what practices you have in place that support emotional healing.

The collective push is to evolve our emotional body by first understanding our emotions. If you feel a particular emotion triggered often, you may need to spend more time assessing what the emotion is behind what you are experiencing. It may not be from this lifetime. We are doing individual work as required, but we also are working as collective energy to help the masses clear energy so that we may elevate as communities. More light, love, and compassion in this space elevates our frequency. Raising our frequency with light and love moves us into a higher level of consciousness where we have access to universal codes and keys that have the ability to enhance the experiences in our lives.

Working through our emotional body energy can be frustrating and confusing. It is very common to experience the same emotion over and over again. If this is you, then your emotional body is going through many layers, and you’ve not yet experienced and released what is there to be understood and cleared. Avoiding this work only delays the inflow of high-frequency energy and creates the potential of the emotional body expanding with more of that same emotion that you are avoiding. Notice triggers, familiar feelings you experience across events, situations or people interactions. You need a current life event to trigger an emotional layer release. Hang in there, do this work, and make a focused effort to fill your life with stable emotional events, people, and situations. We’re being bombarded by negative media right now, so find happy and loving things to direct your focus.

Many questions recently about being empathic and how this is becoming harder. You may be tempted to shut down or become closed to emotions if you interpret this as uncomfortable and not part of the growth process. Perhaps this is an expansion in your emotional body where you are learning to be solid within our emotions of love and peace for when you are clear and stable here you can be compassionate and loving to others without feeling any ‘implied pain.’ An indication of your elevation of frequency is when you can balance chaos and low-frequency emotions without being impacted. Trying to protect is only an attempt to mask your feelings, and that only delays your personal growth.

The universe gives us samples and examples of what we need to work through. So in your empathy of another ask this: what is the emotion buried deep within myself that I may need to experience, feel, understand and release? You can be compassionate and loving to another’s experience without feeling their pain. You can honor them on their journey, hold them in light as they work through their emotional body.