February 2017 – The Power of wandering and wondering…

Over the last ten years, I have developed a focused practice of regular wanderings.  When I was young I’m sure I did this during playtime, and later while out hiking in the woods, but as an adult, I think I forgot how to wander.  Life got busy!  As an adult, it felt like my wandering required purpose, focus or reason.  Like many, I veiled these excursions behind a vacation. It felt more comfortable to talk about a holiday, getaway or stay-cation and I always had an explanation if asked, “What did you do”?   Over time I became more comfortable sharing less, or not have a need for explaining anything.    Once while journaling alongside a creek in Sedona, I needed to move after numerous people would stop and ask what I was writing about.  It became an experiment to see how long I could sit before the first question. If I sat in meditation, they would ask what I was looking at, or what I was doing.    We seem to have expectations of ourselves and others.   I began to speak about my practice of wandering without expectation or purpose other than creating space to wonder.  What if you missed that greatest experience because you thought it should be something else?   What if the greatest experience was the experience?
As a new practice of adult wandering took form, each year I noticed I became more relaxed and the plan less defined.    Yes, there needs to be some structure and planning to unplug from the world of technology, schedules, and regular life responsibilities.   Things still need to be handled, but once those plans are in place the ability to unplug and relax is easier.  Wondering, and curiosity creates a fluid flow in events, and clarity in your journey opens.   What if my choice was based on the moment, location, emotion and what is presented to me?   What would the universe reveal to me?
2017 is a year of new beginnings, opportunities and another year of action.   2016 was about internal discovery and action on our inner being.   It was about figuring out the IAM energy, who you are so you know who you want along on the journey.  The forces of 2016 pushed us to stop old patterns and create space for new practices. The action energy of 2017 is now to align our authentic selves in communities, groups, and relationships that match our vibration.   Finding and collecting those that will travel with us on this next phase of our journey.    We’ll see multitudes of opportunities for this alignment.  To some, it may appear we are on a different path or are paving a new direction.  Others will experience a coming home and reconnection with old relationships.
When our movement of wandering becomes the opportunity of wondering and curiosity, we begin our alignment based on what matches our vibrational frequency.  We are no longer wandering aimlessly without vision, this is the time to design and plant with focus, but it is based upon the recent soul work we’ve done.
Through experiences, we change, grow and evolve.  It’s a year that supports this step in your personal and community evolution.   Take time for reflection when opportunities present themselves.  Say yes to discover what the universe wants to show to you.  What you are to experience is new, with new people, or with people that have shifted.  Be curious and wonder.
Take action – wander and wonder…
Love and Light – Laurie