Healthy Frequencies 

lightDecember can be a busy, and stressful month. Catch my article in the December 2017 Twin Cities Natural Awakening Magazine,  The Giving Season  about the energy of stress and easy tips to ease the impacts of rogue energy. In the northern hemisphere we transition to winter season. Statistically is it the most stressful month, energetically it is to be the time where we pause, learn and adjust to what we’ve experienced over the last 11 months. It is our time to reflect on what we’ve planted and nurtured or didn’t plant or neglected to cultivate. It is a time of wisdom and knowledge and the opportunity to make adjustments and course correct and we prepare for transition to the season of spring. However, given the holiday season, and our busy-ness most of us don’t pause and reflect at this time. I recently returned from a long weekend in Sedona where I spent time hiking each day to connect, refresh and reflect. Without distraction, this time allowed me to reflect on my last 11 months. I do this to help me bring forward what I want to keep and release what I do not want to repeat. What did I nurture, and what did I miss by neglecting to nurture it. Where do I want to focus my energy, and where do I want to retract. 
2016, the IAM year, has been a year of change or loss for many people. I’m graced to interact daily with people that are experiencing significant life changes. Some good and some difficult change. Some people have experienced massive change or major disruptions in their lives bringing frustrating when they don’t understand ‘why’ the changes occurred. Some unexpected changes have left people overwhelmed, pushed to their limits, or that boundaries are quickly dissolving. They feel off their journey path and unmotivated. Some experience extreme happiness, abundance and are overwhelmed by those changes also, to the point of questioning if it will last, or are they deserving. It is a year that has tested us and has pushed us to grow exponential. I have understood this to be part of our evolution and an important phase we move through. Not all are at this point in their journey, but if you are, it is about learning acceptance without understanding. It is sometimes to grieve what was known, letting go of it, and trusting that all is as it should be. All is as it’s supposed to be. Trust, patience and letting go of what you believe to know, can be challenging energies to work through. It often means relinquishing control. Letting go of an expected outcome and trusting in the actual outcome.

Most of us are master fix-ers and solution-ers and our physical beings and our brains want to problem solve. We are thought generators and analytical in our reasoning, and we want to know why? In 2016 the universe delivered events that we weren’t expecting and we don’t have the solution. These events are to help us learn acceptance, trust, and gratitude. We don’t need to understand but we need to feel and experience them. We may go through a grieving process of letting go of something we thought to be before we are ready to focus energy somewhere else. We may need to move away from stress, fear and other emotions that have crippled us from moving forward on our journey. This is a shift from brain and low-frequency emotions to your heart energy, and love. Focusing here moves you forward towards collective change. 

2016 is the IAM year, and 2017 will be the Collective year. We will be drawn to and are to work with vibrationally aligned teams and individuals to bring changes to our environment and community. Keep your vibration at a healthy heart level, so you align your energy where you can make healthy change happen.