July 2017 – Stepping into your Power – Open Door

Stepping into your Power –  Open Doors

Evolution never stops.  If we understand what’s going on, and use the energy that is present, we can better navigate it.   The analytical part of us always wants to know WHY when sometimes there is not a WHY – it just is.   June was a power-packed month with many portals of energy opening up.   Many of you shared your photos of the rainbow light around the sun, and orbs of light.   I see these as physical reminders that the helpers of the universe surround us to assist in any transformation and the last six months continued the theme of change.  With the veil thinning each year, and our evolution continuing we have the opportunity to experience the intensity of this energy. 

Some true feelings I’ve heard:

  • I’m tired of this energy and change,
  • I’m a little lost
  • I’m a little scared – things are changing around me,  or things didn’t turn out the way I wanted, thought or that are good for me. 
  • I’m confused – I thought I understood my direction and it suddenly changed. Was I wrong?

Interesting that when life becomes uncomfortable, we view it is bad, or wrong when the reality is that contrast in our emotions continues to create the perfect transformational storm.  

The energies of summer are loving. However, the intensity of this energy is meant to help us fulfill our dreams and visions.    Helping us realize the power of our internal compass (emotions) to course correct.

You’ve been in a larger portal since May of 2012, as you’ve expanded your ability to connect with your feelings, heart, and others on an emotional level.  That’s hard work.  Not brain work, but heart work.  Well done !!    So if ‘things’ still have an emotional sting to them, you are doing THAT heart work. 

 What to do in this summer of love and illumination:

  • pay attention to what is the universe showing you in contrast of what you want, don’t want and are experiencing
  • Relax when you feel the energy intensity, develop healthy habits
  • Continue to focus where you direct your energy

The doors are open – so believe they are open.