June 2017 – In the Void 

Last months newsletter talked about breaking loops and patterns.  Did you find any? At the end of every cycle, and the beginning of every new period, there is a moment of transition.  This is the VOID.   It may last for any amount of time.  A time of feeling or emotion, or many years of deep inner work.  It can feel unsettling, and often during this period you may feel displaced.  The transition may require patience to endure the absence of something,  a knowing, the lack of certainty about who you are and why you are here on this planet.   A void may open up between one moment and the anticipation of the next related moment.   When will I feeling this again, when will I know, when will the next feeling of security come,  when will I feel prosperous or happy.   We can spiral into feelings in an attempt to force an outcome that might not be in alignment with where we are to go.  
The universe is providing us a tremendous amount of options right now, and that too can be confusing. What should I do?  What if it’s wrong?   If you can accept that place in the cosmic void as preparations for your next cycle of manifestation, if you understand that darkness is holding you with love, not with overwhelm, fear or doubt, then you can relax and let the preparations be what it must be.   Then when the ‘next’ is,  you will be well equipped for what is to be next, unforced and aligned.   Your focus remains to understand what it is you desire, want and focus your energy in that place.    The universe will show you very quickly if there is a misstep. When you are at your optimum vibrational frequency and suddenly are out of alignment,  being uncomfortable will be evident.    You will probably feel it physically as you have attempted to avoid the emotional and energetic indicators.
There are areas and steps of your transition process unfolding that you just cannot know about yet.  You are not ready, or it is not time.  The universe delivers on feelings, so feeling it will never come, or it won’t be right, or it will be limiting, will deliver exactly that.  Divine timing and the universe will keep bringing it back to you for review. 
It is helpful to understand that when the time is right for whatever is next for you, it will show itself.  For now, only deal with what is immediately before you.  Notice if the same is presenting itself.  In other words, are you avoiding or pushing something away that is the ‘next’ for you but fear or a belief as to how it ‘should be’ is creating a hindrance or blind spot.   
We are all growing, stretching, and shifting.   You do not have to worry, and you do not have to search.  Use your energy on being present, patient and responsible for anything you are putting out in to the universe.  Plant the seeds to forward you, nurture them, watch, accept help when aligned, adjust and let it become what it must be according to spiritual wisdom and love.   
Helpful Questions to ponder:
  1. Have I ended a cycle and am in the void?
  2. Am I focusing my energy on seeds of the future, or expending energy on fear, worry, or the past?
  3. What tools, techniques or practices do I have that bring calmness, patience, and quiet my mind?
  4. Do my tools no longer work and I need to replace them?
  5. Do I have support that allows me to voice dreams and passions and be in this void as I continue to manifest my ‘next’? 
  6. Do I have fixed expectations of what next ‘should be’?
  7. When the ‘next’ arrives am I prepared to see it, feel it and celebrate it?
Love and Light – Laurie