Life or Business Intuitive or Executive Coaching

Laurie has been gifted with natural psychic and intuitive energy healing abilities.  She helps thousands of people around the world each year.   Readings and Energy Work

Laurie began a successful career in Information Technology working for large and small public and private organizations in engineering, manufacturing, financial, airlines and hospitality. Her natural leadership, intuitive skills and passion for people moved her quickly into global management roles. The combination of Information Technology and science and her passion for team building and helping people shine, created a balance in her corporate work. Her intuition was always present and came in handy for research or problem resolution, making recommendations or setting strategic directions. It is with her own experience in working at various levels of an organization and then later working in different industries that made it a natural step to become a certified coach and trainer.   Now 30+ years later, Laurie consults with individuals and executive at many levels of an organizations helping them to strategize and deliver on their future in technology and services and organize resources and people skills to best utilize talent. These same principles apply to large and small businesses as well as individuals or teams.   Laurie believes that the universe continues to keep her involved in both Corporate settings and also managing her own business so she may help others during their own business or personal transformation.

Laurie helps others achieve success in understanding and evolving their businesses and careers. It is often our blind spots or an out of balance life that prevent us from truly achieving what we want.  Sometimes we aren’t able to achieve our dreams because we don’t know yet what that is.  During the coaching process Laurie helps to develop sustainable tools that follow a client well beyond the duration of coaching.  Her coaching process is about self-discovery, visioning and seeing those visions become reality.  Laurie says, “it’s fun and important to dream and vision about the future, but we also have to take steps towards those visions, otherwise the universe doesn’t know how to provide.”   Her coaching is life transformation.  This is not ‘spot’ coaching.

Her experience in Executive Management has taken her around the globe working with teams and individuals to achieve their own level of success.     She uses her intuition and her experience as a backdrop to assist her clients to achieve their greatest potential.   Her clients goals may include growing their business, getting a promotion, changing careers, relocating their home, going back to school, or finding love.  The gift of her intuition offers clients sometimes quick additional insight to organizations or individuals that are desiring change.  

A Minneapolis-based manufacturing company CEO shared Laurie’s quick assessment and effectiveness.  “She knows her stuff and tapped into things I know I need to think about and deal with. “… 


Angel or Mediumship Coaching

Laurie also does coaching with the Angels, where she channels angels and guides to work with individuals to open and evolve their gift to a deeper level.   Laurie says, “Sometimes our teachers or healers are not from this world. These beings are the teachers, teachers, and the healers, healers that educate and help move us forward.”  Laurie uses her intuition and channeling abilities to teach you to trust and use your own gifts and skills to self guide your life, business, relationships, and health, but she also is the conduit for other beings to teach. 

Laurie works with you and your present gifts and defines goals that help you evolve and move in to a higher state of consciousness.



If you feel it’s time to shift in one or multiple areas of your life contact Laurie at Laurie@yourlifecore.comto learn how intuitive coaching can help you achieve your goals.  Individual coaching sessions are $350 per hour.  Packages for a committed timeframe are:

3 months is 6-12 sessions and is scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.     Cost is $250 per session or $1500 – $3000.
6 months is 6-24 sessions and is scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.     Cost is $200 per session or $2400  -$4800
12 months is 24-48 sessions and is scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Cost is $175 per session or $4200 – $8400


Coming in 2017 –   Webinar for business leaders and owners 

Monthly calls where you listen to great business insight in ‘being’ in your business.  Here what Laurie has to say about the shifts in business and offers insight and suggestions for your specific question, such as, how to deal with office politics, difficult employees. Hear from other business leaders and owners that share a common goal  – be successful in today’s market and stay balanced with life and family goals, and have a place to share experiences.