March 2017 – The importance of dreaming

Most of us dream. This is not sleep time dreaming, but our wishes, hopes, and visions of what we want to experience in our life. We are here to experience life, and dreaming is important as a way of manifesting our experiences. We plan or set goals using our dreams to guide us. Our hopes and emotions guide the experience. Sometimes we experience expected outcomes, sometimes we get close, and other times we feel the failure of not achieving what we planned. Then we dream again. It’s a beautiful cycle. But sometimes this cycle is interrupted. We stop dreaming.

If I’m not achieving something I am dreaming about, I want to know WHY? So I’ve asked the universe for some guidance.

We experience fear. Fear of the unknown if we were to accomplish the goal. Fear if the outcome isn’t as expected. Fear of perceived failure or success. Fear that once we accomplish this dream, the excitement of the ‘chase’ is done and then what?

We experience frustration. The frustration of when outcomes don’t match our expectations. The frustration that we have a timeline and that or a dream of ‘someday,’ and it never seems to come.

Sometimes we stop dreaming. We stop putting emotions and hope to our dreams. Rather than adjusting a dream, or honoring the experience, we might even give up on our dream.

When you are not experiencing the outcome you thought from your dream, is your perception success or failure? Are you stopping dreaming? What if the outcome was what you needed at that moment to push you to adjust your dream and your dream required a modification?

With the magnificence of the energy in the air right now, we might feel stuck, we failed, or the universe isn’t even listening to us at all. The universe is listening. It listens and delivers on the emotions and feelings you project outward. Project dreams and success, and when the universe delivers something that was not expected, see it as the opportunity to grow and adjust your dream. Now is not the time to stop dreaming, but adjust those dreams or dream MORE!

Believe you will manifest what is right for you. See it, feel it, breathe it, live it. You have that power. Spend time each day seeing, feeling and breathing your dream. In that exercise see yourself taking steps forward. Feel the joy of accomplishing and living the dream every day. If you feel fear, pinpoint the emotion that associated to the fear and then let it flow through you. Spend time each day until you gain clarity on your dream and any adjustments you may need to make. Keep your energy open, saying yes to all that is offered or shared with you. Pay attention to when you may be saying no, as this may take you out of the flow of what the universe is delivering to you.

Are you saying no because you expect something that may never come? This will put you in a place of perpetually waiting for the ‘perfect’ situation. The flow continues when you say yes and adjust along the way. You begin your new reality by creating it, and it begins with the cycle of dreaming.

Love and Light – Laurie