May 2017 –  Breaking Loops.   Utilize forwarding energy that is available now.

We are all breaking loops.  Another word for loops might be patterns or things that no longer serve us on our journey path.   It is the shift energy we are experiencing now.    This change energy is all about your journey and further evolution of the soul, and so any loops that are holding you in status quo of your experiential journey are being given the opportunity to change them or go around the loop again.   Different job, but same situation?   Different relationship, but same feelings?  These are loops.
Steps for Breaking the Loop
1.   Finding the loop –   the First step is to recognize if this is a loop.    If you find yourself expressing frustration about finding yourself in the same situation again, or desiring something new because it always feels the same,  these are clues this may be a loop.
2.  Observation –  You’ve been working on your emotional body to help you identify our authentic emotions.  Genuine feelings on what you like or don’t like. What feels good, or what doesn’t bring joy.  Your filter has changed, and you begin to look at and experience life from a ‘feeling’ perspective.  Now you begin to make choices on the emotional value versus material, or obligation.
3.  Stopping the Loop – at any time in the loop, you have the ability to shift it.  Each moment provides a unique opportunity to change the loop.  Energy may come in the form of action (and even non-action is action), having a different expectation of the outcome,  declaring a new self IAM,  loving and accepting where you currently are, playing with it, using your voice or intuition.    The seven lower chakras are open, activated and provided the entry point for the external energy sources to pour in to help you in this shift.   (See Laurie’s book Becoming a New Frequency and Use of Higher Energy. )
4.  Deciding –  Do The Work.   Years ago when I was working with a group in Sedona, I printed up t-shirts that said DO THE WORK, as a reminder that there is work to be done, and it is a decision.  Telling the universe, you are shifting and then stepping towards change is the starting line.   You may not see the finish line today, but you can define your starting line.  
5. Understand you have all the resources around you to do this work.  Be open to receiving and saying YES to what presents itself as it may not look like you expected it.   Help may come in many forms, and not all are earthbound.  Our ancestors loved ones, angels, guides and ascended masters are interacting with us now to help us.  Before you say NO, or give up, allow space for the unexpected to step in and plant energetic seeds there.   2017 is more community-based energy, so going it alone isn’t always the path you should follow.  Fear, doubt, worry may become weeds in your dream garden.
6.   Identify and focus where you DO want to put your energy.   To get out of the loop don’t concentrate on the old loop! Any backward focus is only to learn and can pull you unsuspecting back into that loop of energy.  Fear of going back into old loop patterns will also create that same pull.    Focus on change, direction, desires and if you’ve identified your passions (we can have more than one) focus there.   Like attracts like and we attract to us our those things that are vibrating equally to our emotional vibrational patterns. 
7.  Take action.  The universe is ever evolving so even the smallest of steps or energy in the new direction will begin a course correct for your journey.  Remember no action is action, and without giving the universe something to contribute energy to, you could be at a standstill just waiting. 
8.  Patience. The universe has a pace. If you have energized a new direction the universe will act but it may not be the timeline you believe it should be.  Don’t give up and sabotage your own efforts.  Sabotaging or giving up is also a loop, and that might be the one you get to break.  Have faith and trust. 
The energies of May and June are highly charged for forwarding action.  You may feel them as pushes and uncomfortable surges that will push you forward.  Your work will be to break the loop and use these energies to evolve to what is next.  To work effectively with the potential of these surges set your course!
Love and Light – Laurie