November 2017 – Create the Ripple 

Hello, fall and the winds of change! Cool weather, rain and traditionally a time of introspection. The portal that opened on 10-22 opened a gateway to change. This change-gateway came with an overwhelming force of energy that is pushing us. We began feeling its force after the August eclipse, and it’s been intensifying since. Are you allowing the power to drive you through the portal, or are you experiencing aches from your attempt to stay in any old life patterns, or are you feeling knocked down and fearful of even getting up? You want to be in the flow and using this force to move you along. 
We’ve been working on our internal selves for much of this year, and much of this work was discernment and understanding of the inner you. It was about preparing for what is ahead. It is a year of learning about what you truly want, and who you are based on an expansion of your emotional body. Once this is complete, you align. This is often the ‘What’s Next.’ To get to ‘What’s Next,’ we floated in the void for a bit, testing the waters a bit, but not entirely committing but observing and gaining confidence in our newly discovered self. You might be in the void yet. You might know what you want next but are still watching, reviewing, or refining. You might be stuck looking for all the analytical details with reliable facts, plans and a perfect roadmap that you can follow. You might already be riding the waves of energy of change. In all cases, you will notice a rawness in your emotions and uneasiness in your gut on this journey. 

You have learned a lot about yourself in the last few years. Your stamina, breaking points, what brings and steals your joy and who you want on your journey. The movement forward flows when you are in alignment of the true you. Perhaps what you thought you wanted was not really what was next for you and now you are making adjustments. Maybe your vision morphed into something more significant or different, and now you are observing that and deciding if it still fits. Perhaps you picked up a few like-minded souls along this new path. It’s the shift within the shift. 

So how do we make the most of this energy surge? It is essential energy because the universe delivers on what we ask for, not with our minds but with our hearts and emotional strength. Raw emotion. As small as your movement may be, it does create a more significant ripple effect. Emotions begin generating a vibration that the universe can then deliver on. Pure joy in what you are doing, will bring more true joy. 

Start small and understand it may take a bit of time for the ripple to grow and feel sturdy. This is where many give up or get frustrated or angry and don’t understand that those emotions then create a different ripple of THAT energy. Stay true to your joy and be patient. Don’t muddy the water (ripple) with confusion. Stay true, stay pure.

Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie