October 2017 – Out Of the Void

Welcome, October and goodbye summer and crazy energy most of us experienced in July-August and September! Summer 2017 transformation energy came in unexpected waves and swirls that pushed us to our limits. We experienced three massive and numerous smaller portals of change. We have one left to go.

Some have described 2017 as the most challenging year yet. Many reached a point of breaking and the feeling of just wanting to be ‘done.’ Some became tired of asking for insight and direction. Many struggled with relationships and old wounds that dug deep in their souls. We became exhausted with the feeling we were on the brink of something great, only to have the quick-shift energy of Uranus have those opportunities disappear. Some became hesitant to ‘try again.’ We’ve been in the void, and we’re tired of feeling unsafe, unsure and unclear about what’s next. This old energy is about to POP, and we have been feeling it, anticipating its energetic release. We want clarity.

The summer of 2017 had incredible light from the universe and solar flares pouring into our atmosphere. This light illuminated shadow energy, and we experience a tumultuous year. We had to go deep into our core being and prepare for our shift. Other planets supported and helped direct the light, so personal illumination could become possible. We experienced the elements of earth, air, water, fire (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and volcanoes and fire) as the universe and planetary energy grids shifted. The void we feel is our personal power networks shifting. We’ve left old paradigms, and we’ve not yet plugged into our new energy grid. Some of us have plugged into new systems, but the power to those systems hasn’t been activated yet. It is normal to feel confused and scared during this massive transition in our frequency. This chaos and tension will continue, but YOU have shifted, and most will choose to leave the vortex of chaos and enter one that is calmer, loving and more aligned to soul journey goals and passions.

As the new power grids activate and we are plugin we may experience new jobs, relationships, projects or in general a new outlook on life. This energy frequency is meant to propel us forward with our dreams and passions. The last of the 2017 energy portals open on October 22, and it is more positive energy for change vs. the chaotic energy we’ve felt in the past. This frequency is in alignment with higher consciousness, community, and compassion.

A few things to remember:
Frequency is everything, and everything is frequency. Stay aligned to true-you, and you will BE the correct vibrational frequency to catch the waves of change.
How you expect to show up is the reality of your energy. Be self-positive. In this time of external energy be socially responsible with your power. Be aware of external controlling influences that attempt to control or shift your true-you frequency. Media is an example where we are ‘told’ how to think, feel, live and act. The media is not able to keep up with all global events, so it chooses what to present. Use discernment in what is right for your frequency.
We remain under some energy influences of indecisiveness. Clarity should come later this year. Give it time – focus on clarity through meditation, exercise, and by removing energy that doesn’t serve you.

Be open and accepting of this new-energetic you and you will experience some amazing new connections and events in your life that are better aligned because they ARE true-you.

Shine On!
Love and Light – Laurie