Laurie provides readings for individual, couples, families, groups.  This includes corporate events, conferences retreats, private events or parties.  She works with angels, guides, ascended masters and loved ones that have crossed over to provide insight and information about current and future life events.  Her readings provide insight and clarity to life transitions, relationship and helping understand or to set direction. Readings often touch on past life events that may hinder or impact present day events.  Her readings bring understanding and clearing of any residual energy tied to past life events.  Laurie works with all ages and has the assistance of the angels to help with all ages in people as well as their assistance to help with animals.

Laurie works with the energy of the universe to help clear and infuse people and animals with a balanced light.  She uses light, crystals and sound to align, balance and amplify what the client needs. 

Laurie is a teacher, author and coach working with individuals or groups through healing or transformation. With over 30 years of teaching around the world her library of topics and her areas of expertise are abundant.  She is an ordained minister and Shaman and performs ceremonies for marriage, christening, honoring a loved one that has passed or other special events.

To book any of the services listed –   Please email at or phone at 612-584-8673.  Laurie will send you an email with appointment times.   Payment is made prior to reading and you may use the PayPal link below. Call or email for specifics on Group Events.