To book any of the services listed –   Please email at or phone at 612-584-8673.  Laurie will send you an email with appointment times.  Session are either in person or over the phone.   Payment is made prior to your session and you may use the PayPal link below . Call or email for specifics on Group Events.

just loveIndividual Reading

Sessions are scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes. Laurie does readings for people all over the world.  Her readings and energy work may be done in person or over the phone. 
Sessions often include energy clearing, balancing and expansion of the aura and chakra centers by transmission of universal energy.  Laurie sees and works in the energy grids of personal and planet force fields, she disconnects old while creating structure for future using codes and keys from frequencies of the universe and guides. Laurie uses crystals during the session to quickly tune and refine energy.   Mukthi Deeksha (blessing of oneness) is also available. Deeksha is energy movement that clears the consciousness through the divine energy and expedites the awakening process resulting in greater consciousness. It opens pathways of the left and right brain to work in balance.  Laurie demonstrates exercising and developing  both sides of her brain (technology-left brain and use of her psychic abilities-right brain) through her daily living.   Sessions may include insight on past life events as they relate to current life, connection with loved ones or pets, or insight to current life events.  

2017 Rates
30 Minute Reading – $80.00

2017 Rates
60 Minute Reading – $150.00

2018 Rates

Beginning April 1, 2018
30 Minute Reading – $100.00

2018 Rates

Beginning April 1, 2018
60 Minute Reading – $180.00


Intuitive Reading – Email questions

You may email 1-3 questions for an email reading.   Questions are $25 per question or 3 questions for $60.   Answers will be provided within 3 days of Laurie notifying you that she has received the question(s) and notification of receipt of payment. 

One Email Question – $25.00
Three Email Questions – $60.00

Intuitive Party  6-10 people. 

Schedule brunch, lunch or evening party with friends, family, clubs or groups.  Laurie provides a brief overview of how to use crystals for energy, how some tools such as angel cards or pendulums can help you connect with your angels.  She shows how to create a personal calendar, and spend time answering group questions.  While each of your guests gets a private 25 minutes intuitive reading, other guests may mingle, share their experience or spend time with pendulums, angel cards, crystals or build their own calendar.  Cost per person is $75 and includes a recording of the session.   Call for availability.

Group Event   10-20+ people 

Great for a special party, event, or team building.   Laurie provides a brief overview of what she does, how she connects with Angels and loved ones, and some simple ways to use crystals or other tools such as angel cards or pendulums to get information from the universe.  She will provide a group channel message, and take questions from group.   Events can be specialized for the groups needs Group event is 2 hours and cost is $300 and mileage fees may apply.   Inquire if recording is available. 

Energy work and balance –     Laurie is a conduit for divine universal light for specific energy work within the chakras and energy fields .  Energy is transmitted through various forms as directed to her, which may include using drums, Tibetan bowls, crystals or direct energy work.    Laurie may also suggest time on the Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat which can provide Far infrared rays (heat/light), the energy of the amethyst and negative ionization.

The Far Infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body with a uniform warming effect. As the BioMat warms up your body, Far Infrared Rays change your physical condition by : Facilitating blood circulation and increasing delivery of oxygen-rich blood to muscles, next stimulating your cells, and lastly, activating more than 3000 essential enzymes, including the release and discharge of harmful material held in the bodies cells.

Where energy is stuck, toxins accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy flow is further impaired.  Amethyst is a powerful detox and helps clear certain types of blockages. Amethyst has been called ‘natures tranquilizer’, relaxing the mind and calming the nervous system.  Negative ions give the body a massage at the molecular level, deepening and cleansing all bodily functions.  Promotes relaxation and sleep, removes waste and toxin, relieves pain and joint stiffness and increases blood circulation.  

Energy Work 60-90 Minutes – $250.00    

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Home clearing and blessing  

Whether you are building, have just moved to a new home/office, or have been in your home or business for awhile, energy may build up and linger. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Laurie moves old energy and helps set intent of new energy to flow in.   Some homes may have portals or energy that has lingered with the home and may create unease in the home.  Laurie closes any portals and moves on any energy that is no longer wanted in the home, while infusing the home with love and light. Laurie will recommend minor changes in the home to improve energy flow.  Rocks, crystals and other tools will be provided to leave your home in an elevated state that is in alignment with you and your purpose. 

Home Clearing, Blessing and Infusion of Energy – $200.00 


YourLifeCore—Rocks and crystals are available

Call or email for prices for specific work with animals or services for ceremonies such as angel coaching, birth, exchange of vows, blessing of rings, marriage, death. special occasions, or motivational speaking events.