Laurie’s services are provided to clients are all over the world either in person or face to face.    Read what some of her clients have to say about her.


⇒ I can’t thank you ENOUGH for the Salt Cave healing we went to last Thursday. It was AMAZING! My knee hasn’t felt this great for about 6 months!  You truly have a gift!  I’ve already signed up for the Sound Healing on the Labyrinth and am looking forward to it! Love and Light   Lynette – Minneapolis, Mn


⇒Thank you so much for a wonderful hour of inspiration and healing.  You are a truly gifted person and I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed and gained from my time with you. Thanks for sharing your gift.  I wish every loved one I know could spend an hour with you!  Lynda – Minneapolis, Mn


⇒Thank you very, very much for hosting the angel & guide gathering on Saturday. I am SO glad I came and can’t wait to attend again. It was a profound experience for me.  Kate – Minneapolis, Mn


Laurie Wondra is the real deal.  She provides insight and guidance in an authentic way, with compassion and gentleness.  If you are seeking or searching, grieving or pained, lost or aimless – allow Laurie to help you find your true life core and path.  Maureen, Minneapolis, MN


⇒Thank you so very much. I am incredibly grateful to you for taking the time to share this with me. It is so affirming and touching and I feel, deep within me, that this knowledge has changed me already.  I cannot thank you enough. Blessings to you and your beautiful gift, Laurie.  Debra – Minneapolis, MN.


⇒A friend of mine hosted an Intuitive Party where I met Laurie. It was the best experience for the money ever!  From the intuitive reading, angel cards & calendars & stones!  You’ll stand taller & think clearer after you’ve had a reading from Laurie.  You won’t regret it and you’ll want to go again.  Sandy – Minneapolis MN


⇒It was so special to have you to ourselves in the small group last night. I just wanted to let you know that you were right on with my right-sided pain; the CT results this morning showed inflammation due to an area of acute diverticulitis. Pretty insightful of you to mention “inflammation but nothing cancerous,” and quite a relief to have it confirmed. I slept well last night, being able to finally take a deep breath without pain — a big thanks for the healing!   You also continued to impress me with your insights on my family situation.  Thank you, again.  Julie,  Minnesota


⇒Thank you so much for coming to my house on Saturday night for my party. You are an AMAZING person and I did a lot of reflecting on Sunday from it. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will keep in touch with you for sure…and will maybe have a future party as well or private readings as needed. I just wanted to tell you that you are a very special person. Have a good week!  Rachel Minneapolis, MNI just wanted to drop a quick line to Thank You so much for your time on Saturday.  I felt “amazing” the rest of that evening and throughout the next day.  I am still carrying the experience with me today.  Lynn, WI (Wisconsin)



Laurie, I just needed to tell you – you were spot on with all your messages. My daughter got a job offer in an area she didn’t expect, just as you’d said. My tests came back normal too. I feel so at peace. Thank you ! I’m sure we will be speaking again. Much love. Marcia – Atlanta GA


For starters, I’d just like to say thank you. I cannot even begin to explain how much better things have been in my life- spiritually & emotionally- since meeting you during my reading. Also, the angel cards that I did helped me find some guidance over the course of year that I really needed in my life.  Mollie, MN


I was brought to meet Laurie Wondra just a few years ago.  It truly has changed my life, jump starting me in a new life direction, new awareness, new outlook at the big picture.  Sometimes it is difficult to put into words how much she can do for each and every person that crosses her path.   Laurie is open and full of love for all.  Since meeting Laurie I have brought multiple family members and friends to have readings with her.  Each and every person has had information brought forth to them that may help them perform their jobs, enhance their personal lives, give them focus and anchors when in difficult times.  Every single person leaves a reading with her with a new and bigger sense of being loved in this universe, a sense of control of their own life and a sense of being blessed for the tasks they have taken on in this life.  If you are making the decision to see Laurie, jump in with both feet and know you will feel safe and loved.  Paulette, MN


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how appreciative I am of the session that you had with my mom last night.  I picked her up from your house and we went for dinner and I haven’t seen her that relieved and carefree in months.  The crystal rock you gave her was just what she needed…. Thank you so much for what you do and the tips/thoughts you provided to her to continue to try to eliminate her stress.  Karen, MN


Thank you for what you do and for how you have chosen to use your gifts.  The  messages were so meaningful to me, and were exactly what I needed to move forward. I’d felt so stuck, and now I feel so free.  Love to you.  Amanda,  San Diego, CA


⇒Just a quick note to say – THANK YOU – THANK YOU  – THANK YOU.  I know you say it is not you saying the messages but rather our guides, angels and loved ones communicating to us, but it is you that has such a loving heart that allows to share the work you do.  It can’t be easy, but it brings such healing and joy to those you work with. Our family has been able to bring closure and heal.   Thank you.  Dean,  Montana


⇒I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for last night and your continued support and guidance. There is always a lot going on once class ends making it sometimes difficult to say thank you and goodbye but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time with you very much.  L,  Minnesota