Your Life Core Radio Episode 1: What Is Higher Consciousness?

Laurie Wondra and Pamela Muldoon officially kick off Your Life Core Radio with the topic “What Is Higher Consciousness?” In this Q & A style format, Laurie shares some basic definitions of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening and how each of us has the ability within to access the energy that is within and around us.

Learn the many and varied ‘symptoms’ of moving into a higher level of awakening. Though each of us may not experience all of these, knowing and understanding them can perhaps make your awakening journey a bit easier.

Every episode, Laurie will answer questions you have either by live call-in during the show or via email to Laurie prior to the show’s recording. Listen to hear questions asked by Laura in Florida and Linda in Minnesota.

Laurie wraps up this episode by sharing how now that you recognize the symptoms of spiritual awakening, you can move forward more successfully and with intention. Knowing what to watch for is the first step.

Your Life Core Radio show is a bi-weekly podcast that is live every other Tuesday at 5pmPT/7pmCT/8pmET. We use the BlogTalkRadio platform to take our live callers for questions on the air. If you would like to be a live caller on one of our upcoming episodes, the number is 347-934-0351. If you would like to submit a question for Laurie to answer on the air, email her directly at

Our next episode is Tuesday, November 3rd and the topic is “Using Your Sensing Gifts”.

Listen to Episode 1 “What Is Higher Consciousness?”