Laurie worked for engineering companies for the first 25 years of her Information Technology career. She understands now why the universe placed her there for so many years. Her ability to understand and explain the scientific reasoning behind frequency and vibrational values have long assisted her (and others) as she’s woven together her psychic abilities and scientific understanding in how vibrational energy of both masculine and feminine energies work in the universe.

It’s very logical for Laurie to understand that everything is energy, and everything has a vibrational value or a frequency. As humans, when our vibrational frequency is low, we feel the effects in being tired, sad, depressed, and full of stress or anxiety. Our physical and emotional health may be impacted.  When our vibrational frequency is running normal we feel healthy, happy and full of joy. If our frequency is running to high, we feel agitated and jittery. In either case of our energy running too low or too high, we sometimes seek external sources to ‘fix’ our energy fields.

The earth frequency is elevating and, with this natural elevation, we are experiencing more light entering the planet. This began in 2012 with an increase of the feminine energy entering the atmosphere. The feminine energy is calm, loving and has the ability to open more of our intuitive gifts. We are to live in a space of peace, calm and love. Some of us struggle with getting to this frequency where we can utilize what is available on the planet. Laurie teaches classes to help us understand our energy fields and the forces that are shifting us. When she works with clients and angels and guides, it is simply adjusting the vibrational frequencies.   During her sessions or classes, she often uses crystals and stones as natural tools as well as her own ability to connect to the higher frequencies of the universe.


Crystals   are the oldest record keepers, healers and energy sources of this planet. Like us, all crystals, rocks and stones carry a measureable frequency. If we are drawn to a particular stone, more than likely it is providing an energetic frequency to us. There are crystals and stones that calm, energize, open our chakras, facilitate growth for us, and provide us information.   As the earth frequency rises, the crystal and stone kingdoms also are experiencing shifts in the energy field.  This is why sometimes we no longer feel drawn to a once favorite stone.


Some examples of use of stones and uses are:   As highlighted in Laurie’s book, Becoming a New Frequency, Laurie talks about both crystal energy and light as sources of energy.

Some examples of crystals and light that tie to our chakra system are:

Foot Chakra – Color is brown-red. Crystals/stones are tiger’s eye, sardonyx and obsidian.

Root Chakra – Color is red. Crystals/stones are red jasper hematite, red tiger’s eye.

Sacral Chakra – Color is orange. Crystals/stones are carnelian, sunstone, mookite.

Belly Button Chakra – Color is tangerine orange. Crystals/stones are fluorite, merlinite and chalcedony.

Hands Chakra – Color is golden. Crystals/stones are muscovite, topaz and pyrolusite.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Color is yellow.  Crystals/stones are citrine, yellow jasper or golden tiger eye, amber, orange calcite.

Lower Heart Chakra – Color is green. Crystals/stones are moonstone, chrysoprase and apatite.

Heart Chakra or 4th- Color is green. Crystals/stone are kunzite, green tourmaline, rose quartz.

Lower Throat Chakra – Color is blue. Crystals/stone are sugilite, tourmaline and sapphire.

Nasal Chakra – Color is blue. Crystals/stone are sodalite, aquamarine and okenite.

Throat Chakra or 5th –  Color is blue. Crystals/stone are turquoise, azurite, lapis, aquamarine, sapphire.

Third Eye Chakra – Color is indigo. Crystals/stone are amethyst, labradorite, and ametrine (amethyst/citrine).

Crown Chakra – Color is violet. Crystals/stone are clear quartz, beryl and serpentine.

Universal Love Chakra – Color is Fusia pink. Crystals/stone are kunzite, rhodochrosite and chrysocolla.

Spiritual Communication Chakra – Color is crystalline blue. Crystals are shattuckite, larimar, azurite and smithsonite.

Ultimate Being Chakra – Color is Clear/White. Crystals are herkimer diamond, calcite and diamond.