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Betond Healing
Your Life is about use of your CORE. This is the Center of Resource Energy, and the center of your being. This includes your mind, your inner life, your soul, your I AM. It is the engine that makes you run. We are energy, and so is everything around us, yet most individuals don't understand its existence. Those that understand the scientific properties of energy, often don't understand how they can tap into this source, elevate it and then use it. Tapping into universal energy allows an expansion of information to a situation, which can be then be used to help remove blocked energy, to bring new flows of energy and expand existing energy. Laurie uses both universal energy and her intuitive gift for intuitive readings and energy healings.


Working with earth energy, such as plants, trees, rocks is one way to tap into energy beyond our own beings.


Some of the photos I've shared on this site show how energy is captured, such as when I am touching a tree, or feeling sun rays on my body, or simply taking photos of an area. There is unseen energy that I often capture with my camera, but I also see and feel this energy all around me.  I'm able to tap into this amazing universal energy and share it.