January 2018 – Happy New Year – What’s ahead?

Depending on how you look at numerology its a TWO year and an ELEVEN year.   (2+0+1+8) A TWO year is about collaboration, community development around the use of skills, knowledge, intuition, and creating new.   TWO is a feminine number, with more light and light energy continuing to flow to us.                
Eleven is a gateway number, and the planetary influences in 2018 may be precisely the portal energy many are looking for to continue their evolution to more collective communities, partnerships, and ways of being. The Veil (the layer of energy between worlds) is gone or nearly gone for most, and our preparation begins for transits and shifts of 2020 and 2025.    
Each astrological sign has a mantra that is aligned with the sign.  These are often used in reference to help explain the energy of a planetary or astrological point.  Your Sun and Moon sign are important indicators to how you will sense or feel the shifts of 2018.
Aries – I Am
Taurus- I Have
Gemini – I Think
Cancer – I Feel
Leo – I Will
Virgo – I Analyze
Libra – I Balance
Scorpio – I Desire
Sagittarius – I Aim
Capricorn – I Use
Aquarius – I Know
Pisces – I Believe
The planets create a vortex of energy to hold us static or push us in dynamic space for our internal or external growth.  
Planets that impact our personal being are Mercury, Venus, and Mars and these all relate to emotions, drive, and how we are each day.  Planets that represent what happens external to our being, but is influential in our world are Saturn and  Jupiter.   Saturn often shows us where there is a restriction, and Jupiter can highlight the opportunity for expansiveness.   During a time of Saturn influence, you might see more obvious limitations in your life, and something that is out of your control.   Jupiter would be an event or situation that causes an expansion somewhere in your life, also external influenced.   Pluto represents the underworld (revolution).   Uranus is about unexpected change that helps us align or progress quickly, and Neptune is Spirit or Consciousness growth.    
Retrogrades are when the planets seem to move backward through the signs, but the energy at the time of a retrograde is to help us take all the external influences we’ve had up to a point and integrate within.  It’s like a universal test of what we’ve learned or experienced.  Much like a test, how much will you retain and how much will you forget and move on.  It’s a time of pause or slows down for us to acclimate to any external changes and shifts that we want to embody in our life.   Retrograde is purposeful, but can also create angst if it feels we are slowed down from progress, but the intent is for us to slow down and align.
The veil is the energy between worlds, and since 2012 I’ve spoken about the thinning of the veil until a time of its nonexistence.  For many, this is now, and the veil continues to only exist through fear and the act of ‘protecting’ oneself from the unknown.   If I were to give you a few things to leave behind in 2017, it would be these.
  • Redirect energy from fear and needing to protect yourself in a bubble of energy to and shining your light.  Knowing the use and strength of your light casts more light outward and shatters fear.  Feeling the need to shield your energy field is fear based and not part of the consciousness teachings in this new era. 
  •  Feel, and not be fearful of feeling your emotions.  We are emotional beings that use our emotions as our compass.  In a time of community, we use our emotions as a healthy way to interact and be with those who are vibrationally aligned.  
  •  Redirect feelings you have to heal everything to being complete and moving forward.  What would it feel like if you leave old wounds behind and direct your focus of energy towards joy, happiness, and love?   Old emotions may resurface but how quickly you can align back with joy, happiness, and love will help keep you on track for your journey.  
  • The primary focus of energy is light-based.    
  •  Be authentic to what you want, desire, and where you want to be.  It takes energy to be false in relationships, activities, and places where you have to hold a fake vibration to sustain.  It’s healthy to say no.
  • Living heart-centered.  Teachings or fear of not being grounded are also old teachings and not of this energy era.  Be heart-centered, and all is aligned.
Let Light be, let love be,  let it be, and let yourself be you while surrounding yourself with those that allow and support you to be your authentic you.  You are an amazingly powerful being.  Shine this!
Intents vs. Resolutions
Rather than set New Year’s resolutions of doing something, focus energy on intent of how you want to feel and be. Sometimes the planetary influence can provide additional energy to help move things along, or by slowing things down so clarity can be experienced.  2018 is a year of collaboration, teaming, higher intuition, partnership and self-realization of your journey.   Below are some key dates and planetary influences for 2018 that may help you on your journey.   
Key Energy Dates for 2018
Dec  19, 2017 to Jan 8, 2018 – Mercury retrograde from earth-sign Capricorn to fire-sign Sagittarius.
Jan 2 –  First Full Moon of 2018
Jan 31 – Full Moon and Total Lunar eclipse in Leo –  I Will
Feb. 15 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – I Know
March 1 and March 31 –  Full Moon
March 18 to July 10 – Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio –  Jupiter is expansiveness- retrograde is slowing it down.  Intents on I Desire. 
March 20 – Spring Equinox
April 9 – May 3  Mercury retrograde from earth-sign Taurus to fire-sign Aries.   A check in on who I AM
April 17 to Sept 6  – Saturn retrograde in Capricorn show where there may be restrictions
April 17, Chiron Enters Aries (return of who IAM in the collective) then is retrograde July 5 to Dec. 9
April 22 to Sept 30 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, how am I Using who IAM
May 15 – Uranus enters Taurus –  (I Have) Physical Reality, technology, inspiration, intuition
June 18 to Nov 24 – Neptune retrograde in Pisces – Neptune is Spirit – inner work.  I Believe, a checkpoint of beliefs
June 21 – Summer Solstice
June 26 to Aug. 27 – Mars retrograde. Mars is drive.  We re-assess our current projects, our approach to getting what we want but rather than directly asserting our desires, we tend towards introspection.
July 12 – Partial Solar eclipse in Cancer
July 27 – total Lunar eclipse in Aquarius  – I Know
Aug. 7 to Jan 6  – Uranus retrograde in Aries – Uranus is quick change/lightening – inner shift created by external influence
Aug 11 – Partial solar eclipse in Leo –  I Will
August 12 to September 5 , Mercury Retrograde –  From earth-sign Virgo, ends in fire-sign Leo.
Sept 22 – Fall Equinox
Oct 5 to Nov 16 – Venus Retrograde – assess what and who we value, getting married or starting new relationships
December 3 to  December 22  Mercury Retrograde-  in fire-sign Sagittarius.
Dec 21 – Winter Solstice – Full Moon Dec 22
Shine On!   Love and Light – Laurie