September 2017 -Path Reset 

August was an energy packed month. Many of us didn’t realize the punch that this eclipse would contain.  It was a reset for us.  A golden opportunity to turn the light switch off on those things that weren’t working for us, and flipping on the light to new energy for what our future selves need.   This switch continues to bring illumination to new areas of our lives and soul alignment.  This energy can feel confusing as we leave behind old and start new, or are waiting to start something new.   

If you find yourself still in a place of your life that is not working for you, there still is time remaining in this year to shift, and for some, this change may be sudden.   We’ve been waiting for this portal of change whether we are consciously aware of it or are only aware of it at the soul level.   The soul always knows.  The portal opened, the light was shone, and many stepped into a higher power of their greater self.

Mercury goes directly in Leo 28 degrees on Tuesday, September 5.  If you were able to catch my two free conference calls in September, I explained the eclipse energy and this pivotal place we are now in our lives to step into our authentic power.  Mercury direct in early September offers another opportunity of universal forces to push us forward.   Buckle in and say YES to those areas that bring you peace, joy, love, laughter and are in alignment with your soul purpose.   Watch and observe those divinely orchestrated events that appear.

Use the full moon on September 6 to release any residual energy or sadness that has tagged along.  The full moon is about illumination and shining a feminine energy on to our dreams.  We are yet in the early stages of tweaking our actions for more perfection of alignment.    The New moon on September 20 will be about the support you have around these dreams and visions.  Who are the helpers that aligned with you?

Relationships continue to shift in September.  Expect this as you are adjusting in your field of energy and observe what these changes may mean.  Old relationships may circle back for additional work, or a reconnection now that you are aligned.    These also are providing us with opportunities for learning but also