December 2014 – Traditions, Vibrational Energy Increases

Traditions  The time period between December 12 and December 21 is always a powerful time for us to release energies.  We may become busy with the holiday season, but spirit somehow always finds ways to help us slow our pace so that we may focus within.   This is a 9 day span, but what about the 12 days of Christmas?   In some cultures there are the 12 days of blessings and this may be a very simple reminder to focus on the energy at that moment.  Perhaps develop your own tradition by beginning your day being in gratitude and then sending love on each of these 9 days.

Another tradition is to hold vigil on intent.  Various ‘festivals of light’ are celebrated, and have been for thousands of years, serving as a reminder that the light will indeed return after the darkest day.  Ceremonies and events of many cultures used fire as a sacred element.   The purpose was to allow it to burn for the night with the purpose to burn off ones dross or rubbish (English term), the ‘stuff’ we no longer need, and thus to reveal our gold (the golden light).   In some cultures it is a deliberate, intense and intent-full night of dancing, drumming, rattling, chanting, meditating, healing, and holding space for this light.  Perhaps December 31st celebration of New Years mimics this tradition and through time the date was pushed to conveniently align with the Calendar year.

This time when we look inward, we are reaching in to our soul, to our inner child, or that inner light that is pushing to come out to move us in to higher consciousness.

Another celebrated day is the Winter Solstice, December 21. It is the midpoint of winter, or the shortest day of daylight and the longest point of darkness.   The world is very still and the land dormant,  much like what happens within us when we go through dormant cycles. In this quietness,  it is an opportunity to contemplate a ‘season’ past or the ‘season’ that was and then the ‘seasons’ yet to come.  Much like when earth goes dormant, there remains internal growth and that is what we should continue to nurture.  It may be a time to prepare for growth, change or plan for 2015.


2015 -Vibrational energy increases…. again !

The Milky Way is said to be one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. It contains between 200-400 billion stars, the one most familiar to us being the sun which is believed to be middle aged at 4.6 billion years. The oldest star in the galaxy is 13.2 billion year old – said to be nearly as old as the universe itself (13.8 billion years) – and the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. These are all scientific best guesses. Distances are measures in light-years, and the Milky Way galaxy is believe to be 1000,000 light years in diameter.  The enormity and vastness of the universe boggles our mind, challenges the imagination, yet it also gives us some notion of where we fit in all this.

Consider from this perspective that we have the opportunity in how we view our world. We can remain small, overwhelmed and myopic, or let go of this view in favor of seeing and accepting a bigger picture and all the possibilities. If we believe we are composed of material from those very stars that inhabit the Milky Way, we know we are connected to Earth and the entire universe at all times, in life and in death….. and we are not at all very small or limited… at all…

If we believe we share energy in this immense place we are then challenged to think the possibilities this could provide. Unlimited possibilities.   Dreams without limits.   Once again the enormity and the vastness of this possibility boggles our minds and we begin to question. How can this be? So we put limits on our ‘bigness’, we draw boxes around our possibilities, until it ‘seems’ more logical to what is visibly present in our lives.   But what if we could see beyond the infinite levels of greatness we have access to. How far would we dream, soar, join THAT space of vastness. What would that feel like?

Planet Earth went through the center of the galaxy December 2012.  We experienced huge shifts in our energy fields and for many the process of awakening took at giant leap. We are preparing for another big shift in energy and this means mother earth experiences this increase in energy and frequency first, followed by plants, animals and humans.   We’ve been working hard, shifting and clearing and opening our energy ports, expanding our energy fields in preparation for ‘something’ come. Many can feel the shift of the energy in the air, and the shift in our energy fields within and lastly the shift in our energy fields beyond our physical bodies.     We act or react to these subtleties, or we continue to ignore or suppress them feeling not quite satisfied in our journey.   Might be time to try – expansion – Dream big, and be in the flow of these new energies.


The Christmas Table Cloth – A Personal Story

I am blessed to work with so many lovely souls from this plane and beyond. I am reminded today that they are very much near us, especially during times of great joy, laughter, happiness and moments of tradition.   I had one of those moments a few years ago when I was pulling out all my Christmas table clothes to prepare for Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas morning brunch.
My mom LOVED Christmas. This was a time when all her family gathered at home on Christmas eve and celebrated the traditions she’d been raised with. Food, singing, food, gifts, food, and lots of hugs and laughter. She would prepare for weeks and even with nearly 50 of us, siblings, grandchildren and great grand children, she remembered us all.   After she could no longer host all of us, I would open my home to Christmas celebrations. She loved having us all together. Today my siblings and their children are scattered across the states, and like many families that get busy with life, we gather when we can.

Knowing my mom’s love of Christmas and entertaining, as I traveled the world I would bring her things from around the world. Rocks, yes… but also other items.   On one such trip to Italy I purchased a Christmas linen set, and tucked it away to give to her for Christmas. However, somewhere between unpacking my luggage and Christmas the Italian linen set was misplaced.   That was ten or twelve years ago, and there’s been a house move and the dining room furniture where I might have stored linens had since been replaced.  That Christmas, as I was pulling out my linens from the new bureau – there it was, in its original package.

I can’t explain where it’s been and why it is there today, but here it is and it is now in my possession and will be used each Christmas in acknowledgement of the family members we have here and beyond.   Remember they are very much part of our lives…..       Love to all.

Love and Light

Signs from Beyond

What does it mean…

I often get questions about odd events or circumstances and if it was a sign from beyond.   These events are often unexplainable and they become memorable because they catch us off guard during our normal routines. What, or who was it and what did they want are the biggest questions.   Sometimes there are messages, information, but most are intended to wake us up to the possibility that there is something or someone trying to reach us.    Clients may start their email, “you may think I’m crazy, but… “.   I don’t think of them crazy or odd at all.   I am, however, noticing that the attempts to reach us are becoming more frequent and more urgent. I believe this is because we are collectively raising our vibrational frequencies which is opening our senses more and is also making it easier to access this information around us.   I also believe we have more information and education available to us that teach us how to raise our personal frequency and then alert us to this information.   There are still many events that are left for interpretation, or just simply become a mystery.

Recently I was working from home, the kids were also home and I was having my house cleaned.  I was in my office preparing to see clients when all smoke detectors went off in the house.   I waited for a moment to see if they would shut off, my kids congregating in the entry of our home, looking at each other in that moment of … ‘now what’. The cleaning people began checking for smoke. By the panicked look on their faces, they were ready to run. This has happened before and is usually related to an electrical charge in the environment of the house.   The only way to shut them off and to recycle the alarm system is to cut the main circuit in the house.   As the animals were running for safe hiding, I was headed to for the main circuit breaker in the basement.   This time as I hit the breaker, the alarms did not shut off. They continued to blare even as I turned the power back on in the house.   My mind quickly went from asking, is this a fire emergency, an electrical surge or a message from someone beyond. Since the kids have been through this before they quickly surmised there was no smoke therefore it was me connecting with the energies of beyond again. As I came back up upstairs from the basement I stared into the wide-eyed cleaning team, ready with cell phone in hand, poised to call the fire department…… and suddenly the alarm stopped.    It was a message for one of the members of the team from his mom and I needed to share at that moment who I was and what I do and more importantly his moms message.     Then politely asked his mom if I could get back to work without interruption.

When something unexplainable happens……..

This last Halloween I and a friend were handing out candy. Dressed in costume ourselves we got into the spirit and excitement of all the kids coming to the door.   In between the groups we’d talk while keeping an eye on the door and street watching the kids run from home to home . My son was in the garage enticing kids with a giant spider that would creep out under the slightly open garage door.   We could hear the action in front of the garage by the giggles, screams and the sounds from all the Halloween motion activated toys turning on.  As my friend and I stood talking, a full size Reese’s peanut butter cup candy bar fell directly outside by the front door.     I wasn’t handing out full size Reese’s.. There were no kids in the street, on the side walk or in the yard… and I have a balcony overhang above my door making it impossible to drop anything from above… but yet it did…. and both of us witnessed this magic candy bar now on my front steps…   A Halloween gift from the heavens…   This will be one of those events in my life that I will forever wonder about..   When something unexplainable happens, we get to simply believe and say thank you.   I thank the heavens for that candy bar and the new found belief that ‘things’ can drop from the universe.

Both events happened when least expected and both with such force or oddity that caused all that were present to pause, wonder and then talk about it.

As the veil continues to thin and we continue to move to higher consciousness the methods and times for our loved ones, as well as angels and guides to connect with us continues to evolve. The question is… are we aware of the expansion of energy. Are we open to these mysterious events so when they do happen we welcome them rather than reason them away to other things.   November is another energy charged month with energy that is pushing us forward. Preparing us for 2015 and beyond. Urging us to be open and receptive to information from all elements of the universe.

Love and Light

Our Pets

Saying Good-bye to a beloved pet.

In August our eldest cat Ollie unexpectedly died.   Ollie was a rescue kitty that chose us. When we went to the rescue center, he was like glue to my legs, thus I nick-named him Velcro kitty. He was an old soul, and those that came to my home were either greeted by his gentle wise energy or you never ever saw him. He was a ‘healer kitty’, and he knew when his energy was needed. At times he would stand on his hind legs and paw at the windows in my office door until I would open the door and let him in.   When I would hold events in my home he would sometimes take his spot in a chair in the circle where he would hold space for whatever energy we were working in.  His favorite spot when not working was to be tucked away in my closet, or sleeping at his guard station at the top of the stairs.

Do our pets visit us after they die ?  

YES !   A few weeks ago I was resting on the couch after I’d had surgery,   though my eyes were closed I felt the distinct pressure of a cat walking across my legs.   Thinking it was Meeko our youngest cat coming to check on me,  I opened my eyes but saw no cat. I could still feel the pressure of him walking across my legs and I welcomed him to lay across my lap.   Ollie was back to help me begin the healing process.     There are times when I go upstairs and I feel the warmth on the floor where he would lay while at his guard station at the top of the stairs.  Energetically he is sometimes there.

Can animals help us with their energy?

Animals carry a higher frequency than humans. Not all animals, but most animals sense when something is different with their owner, or with someone in the house.   As in Ollie or Meeko if they are called to help move energy they will demand to be in my office and spend time with some clients.   Animals give energy, but they also absorb energy much like humans.   Some take and heal that energy returning it as in a ray of light.  Animals hold the frequency of unconditional love, which is a very high frequency. It helps balance our highs-lows, and elevates us to a higher place of being. How beautiful and healing if we could remember this each day. How powerful the energy of love is and what would happen if we’d send this out to the world each day ?

Can other animals see animals that have died ?

Recently I witnesses our dog Toby running into the living room where I was sitting.   His attention was laser focused on something that he was chasing .   A few feet behind him was Meeko, the younger cat running to keep up with Toby then he suddenly changed his run to a low slink on the floor as if he were ready to pounce on something obviously he was seeing, but I was not.     I watched in amusement as they continued to play, hiding behind furniture then darting out to run into the next room and back again.   Ollie was back and he meant business.   As he’d gotten older he wasn’t as active, now I could feel his energy out pacing his ‘pet siblings’.   He’d regained his youthful energy. At night sometimes I wake to the animals running through the house, no doubt playing.      I’ll hear Meeko meowing (talking) in the dark to his buddy Ollie, and I know Ollie is there answering in the squeak that he had as his signature ‘roar’.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts. They love us, and bring light and energy in to our lives. Some are protector animals.  Some teach us to love unconditionally, and some are simply in our lives to share their love.

Happy September !

Love and Light to you … Laurie


Signs from above

July was packed full of adventure and learning as Em and I traveled to Peru to trek the 26 mile Inca trail to Machu Picchu.   At 9000 feet we began our trek and for four days and three nights we lived on the mountain. Hiking to the highest point of 14,000 feet, then descending to the SunGate at 9,000 feet, and finishing at Machu Picchu at 7,800 feet. It wasn’t just an up-down trail – but an up-down-up-up-up-down-down-up-down trail…     At times I found my knee hitting my nose as I climbed the steps that had been placed by the Inca’s hundreds of years ago.   We’d rise anywhere between 4:30 and 6 am and hike all day, making sure we’d make it to the next campsite before dark. It was a trek that tested our emotional and physical beings, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat !! Our adventure did not stop there, we did several other smaller treks; met and worked with Q’ero Shaman, made a few stops at the markets, and ended the trip with volunteer work in the hospitals in Cusco with Smile Network International.  For this volunteer work, we spent a day helping screen over 100 children for the possibility of surgery to correct cleft palate or cleft lip.  Over the rest of the week, the surgeons did over 50 surgeries . Em and I were blessed to have helped for three surgeries before we headed back to the US.

Julio was our second patient we followed that day. He was 17 and had traveled to the hospital two days earlier for the screening process. He was nervous and shook in the chair as we waited for the thumbs up for when they were ready for him in the operating room. This was going to be an hour long surgery to repair his cleft lip. The surgeon, physician’s assistant and anesthesiologist gave us the boundaries for sterile safety, yet encouraged us to watch and ask questions. If we felt any queasiness we were to back up to the wall and sit down.

Julio never knew his father, since he died when Julio was a baby, and Julio’s mother left him before he was a year old to go start another family – as was explained through our interpreter.  He was raised by his two uncles and aunt.     During Julio’s surgery and recovery, it was Emma and my job to communicate to the family his status. We were excited to tell his uncles when he was all done with his surgery. That the surgeon said Julio will be all ready to ‘kiss the girls now’. This removed the worried look from their faces and they laughed.  We waited with Julio in post-surgery as the anesthesia began to wear off.

We walked back out to the waiting area to tell his uncles he was now awake and we would soon be moving him to the recovery ward where he would stay overnight.   At this time we had a chance to sit down with his uncles and learn more about them.   We learned that Julio was very shy in school, and was made fun of most his life.    He loved soccer and math. Though he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he grew up, his uncles hoped he would become a truck driver.  He had step siblings but didn’t see them very often and his mother did not know he was at the hospital having the surgery. The uncles were quick to add they thought they would take him to see her and surprise her.   They thought Julio’s life would change now, and others would no longer stare at him. They thought this surgery would allow all doors to open for him and it would give him better chances in life.

We returned to the post op ward to help transport Julio to the recovery section of the hospital and we waited for his Uncles to join us there.   Em and I encouraged him to take deep breaths and drink juice.   The looks on his Uncles faces when they walked in to the room will forever be remembered by Em, I and the interpreter.   There was not a dry eye in the room !     To think his life changed in ONE hour.     Our 26 mile mountain trek suddenly felt insignificant to the miles this 17 year old had lived.

When we got home, I washed and dried the hospital scrubs we’d work in while at the hospital. From the dryer fell a dime. This dime had been in Em’s scrub pants pocket.   When we were preparing for Julio’s surgery, the surgeon  picked up a dime from the operating room floor and handed it to Em, saying ‘it must be your lucky day’.   Em and I locked eyes, and we both began to tear up.   I often talk about signs from heaven – like finding pennies and dimes and sometimes even feathers in odd places.   So here on this operating room floor in Cuzco Peru, as his son’s surgery was to begin Julio’s dad wanted our attention. He had a message. He was there with his son and wanted to thank everyone in the room for the love, support and all the work they were doing.   Em quickly put the dime in her pocket as we were asked to focus on the work ahead.

Later when it was time for us to leave the hospital for the airport, we made one last visit to say goodbye to Julio. He was more alert now.   We hugged, said our words of joy and blessings and left with full hearts.   To the seventeen year old boy who’s future is bright and full of promises and to his family that walked for hours to bring him to the hospital so he could have this surgery – we send our love.

Love and Light to you … Laurie

Full Moon – August 10,   A great time to release

New Moon – August 25, A great time to set intents

Mid-Year Review

We made it past the midyear point… What’s that mean ??   You may have heard me speak earlier in the year about the planetary grand cross.   Simply stated this is when planets align in a cross format, their opposition to each other influence in ways that push us for change and movement.

We were pushed hard over the last six months. You know you’re in a different place compared to where you were six months ago, yet you may be wondering whether you’re done with this energy that’s pushing you , or if you are any closer to your goals, and if you are done working through unresolved situations.  I’ve heard more than a few declare…. ‘I’m done’ !!   It might not be that simple.

If you followed the urge of the energies of the universe, you took inventory of your life and took action.   Acknowledge yourself if you did this, for it takes courage to look deeply at your life. Yet, if done with compassion and a sense of humor you’ll grow and learn from a life review.  You are now able to take what you’ve learned and pocket those lessons as a future asset. You took steps to release patterns or behaviors that weren’t for your highest good. It takes courage to change. To Let GO !   The unknown can be downright scary and sometimes a known feeling of being uncomfortable is easier than an unknown dream…. the universe isn’t going to allow that to happen forever.

When you call in Archangel Michael to help with your fears, he and the universe are going to support you, but they are also going to keep those fears front and center as a way to ensure you work through them. Our courage is being tested, and the warrior spirit of courage feels like it has a new meaning.  The courage to NOT DO battle, but to feel, embrace and let go by moving into an area of unknown, and for some, that may be an area of ‘nothing’.   Take inventory of your life and focus on change or healing of anything that’s unbalanced.    Ask for what you want, what you dream about and if it’s not there now – seek to understand why not. The universe provides…. .

These challenges of courage may have come in one or many domains of our lives; home, health, relationships, family, careers. What needed to go, left. What needed to be dealt with or changed either did so on its own or the universe brought focus to it so change could happen. Perhaps it was something that faded away.  How we moved through these changes became an opportunity in itself.   Did you move with ease, grace, elegance or were you kicking, screaming and fighting to hold on – staying in warrior mode ?     It takes courage to look at your life and REALLY look at all of you. The layers of your energy. Your physical presence, your emotional being and your etheric levels (levels of energy).

Remember, you really are quite an amazing being !   You glow, you shine and you vibrate with a buzz that can interrupt power enough to blow a few light bulbs and mess with technology.  You are extraordinary and July is going to be an electrically charged month with more light and love available to us than we’ve experienced in previous months. If you did the work, you are ready for this as this is what you’ve been working so hard to prepare for in the last 6 months.   Shine On !!!

Full Moon – July 12,  A great time to release

New Moon – July 26, A great time to set intents

Happy July !   Love and Light to you … Laurie

Ahhhhh Welcome Summer 2014 !

The first day of summer isn’t officially until June 21 but the feeling of summer is upon us and the memory of a long, cold, hard winter may now quickly fade. Most of us have been waiting for the summer heat and longer days of light since that first snowfall. We are now emerging from the planetary influences that left us feeling pummeled, but the memory of those feelings will also soon fade.  If we used the last few months wisely to clear old energy and conceive new dreams, we are now feeling the urge to move forward. This is transformation, evolution, shifting, growing and expanding our center of energy. The sunshine and warm weather help with this feeling of pending growth and change. That includes feeling the desire to soak up sunlight.

On a recent hike I noticed an abundance of butterflies, a reminder of transformation. Like metamorphosis, this is a time of new beginnings and shifts.   It is also a wonderful message to lighten up, welcome this change and stop taking everything so seriously.   ah-hem… laugh and smile more into the sun….

Butterfly medicine is wonderful for when a change is needed and you seek courage to break out of a self imposed cocoon. Let go !   Sometimes needing extra encouragement will help you to freely express the love and joy you feel.     There will always be times that life calls for us to be more serious, or focused, but this month I challenge you to laugh and smile more…

We continue to transform in our lives and move to a higher level of consciousness, that’s what the journey is all about. Much like the natural cycles of life and death/rebirth that occur within and around us it is often is a challenge.   That change comes first from within.

June 21 is the summer solstice and it is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within those around us. It’s an excellent time to reflect upon the potential for yourself, raise your level of consciousness higher and take another step in your awakening to live in a higher consciousness. Trust that all things happen in their own time when our lives are prepared to receive the miracles in store for us.  Much like the butterfly, emerging in a new energy.   Struggle only happens when we resist.

Mercury goes retrograde June 7 to July 1.   Mercury is how we express ourselves (communication, speaking, writing).  Pay attention to details, and if contracts or details are needed pay additional attention.  Give additional care on interpretation of communication; how you perceive others and how others are perceiving you.

Happy June !   Love and Light to you … Laurie

Happy Energy Packed May 2014

Happy May Day ! Not May Day as in the call-out for help but happy May Day known for its tradition of dancing the Maypole dance.   After April’s Grand Cross planetary influences, some may have been tempted to issue an SOS but May means planting, new growth, and blossoming of flowers.  I love flowers and I love to dance. To my knowledge I’ve never done a Maypole dance, however I do encourage you plant flowers and to dance this month. Music, dance and movement in general keep our frequencies high and keeping higher frequencies ease these times of growth, and evolution. Last month’s planetary pushes were rough, but they were intended to encourage us to grow. They had rocket-like energy that could either launch you or have you feeling about to crash-and-burn.   Big lessons in letting go and trusting the void.

So I ask…. did you really let go, or are you continuing to do your spring cleaning ? Did you haul it out to the curb and then later sneak it back to the house?   Universal rule – where there is a new void energy quickly moves in. What did you fill your space with ? I’d suggest fill it with light, love, laughter, and perhaps something new you’ve wanted to learn. I’m sensing the angels are issuing a challenge !

The April 29th solar Eclipse new moon, is all about change and putting new practices in place. May would be an excellent time to learn something new. The universe is the teacher, and as such, delivers opportunities to learn. How you frame our mind creates the opportunity for this information to come to us. Do you avoid or not listen or do you seek with curiosity and a sense of adventure? What might you learn if you reframe how greet each day?

If you are open to all the information that is available, you turn off your filters and openly receive, allowing information to come to you without judgment or preconceived ideas of what it should be. Allow it to ‘just be’, and thus allow yourself to let go and learn.

Plant some seeds of new learning, and dance into your evolution.  Happy May !!



Spring Cleaning 2014

Spring is upon us and that may mean spring cleaning !!   Between the end of March and the end of April our planets are in a configuration called a Grand Cross. These planets are pushing us to clear away, heal, remove ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit with who we truly are or who we are becoming. This is energy may be bogging you down.    You may be feeling a push to make changes in your friends, relationships, or even within yourself. This is part of these energies that are pushing and in some cases forces us to change.   Look for the opportunity in these feeling that may be stirring within, as they are pushing you to make internal or external changes.  Look for what is to be learned.   Look for what is to be let go or released.     Releasing allows you to be in, or move to a higher vibrational frequency.

A known characteristic of energy is its vibratory pattern. Gas molecules vibrate more rapidly than molecules of liquids, which in turn vibrate more rapidly than molecules of solids. If our bodies are comprised of 60-70% water, when hydrated, we have the ability to carry a relatively high frequency. Love is a high vibrational energy, the highest and most pure energy.   Compassion and gratitude are also higher frequency energies. At its highest vibration, love, compassion and gratitude, possess wisdom, awareness and healing components. These higher frequencies are easier to ‘be’ in. We find it is easier to make decisions and process information.   Lower frequency energies cloud our energy field, leaving us often feeling confused, tired and drained.

There are more energy fields that exist beyond our physical body, and this allows space for a higher frequency of energy to be present beyond our physical bodies.   Physicists in their laboratories measure the energies that healers emit beyond their physical body.  I believe these energies are a component of love coming from within.   Love is such a high frequency it has the ability to connect us as ONE.   It is this connection with our internal frequencies, and our ability to expand beyond our physical being, plus a connection with external frequencies that allow us to become a conduit for healing.    For us to develop this, we must continue to clear ‘old’ energy away and keep our frequency high. Stay hydrated and Happy Spring Cleaning!

On my drive home recently I spotted three turkeys feeding alongside the freeway.   Mother nature is a good reminder of many things. Turkey, in the animal spirit world represents transcending the focus of your own needs to consider the greater needs of the whole. Turkey energy represents abundance and blessings, it also means to honor the earth, whether a sacred ceremony or simply picking up trash. On a recent hike on my birthday, I was picking up a littered trail as my gift to mother nature. I found a remnant of a card with the words ‘ I LOVE YOU’ vibrantly displayed, no doubt a gift to me.  Remember what mother earth gives us and  plan to give back to the planet or to send love to a higher consciousness.

The ‘Manifestation’ of a New Team Member

I think I’m adding to my team this year !!! Ok, I KNOW I’m adding to my team this year !! In the last few days I’ve had the joy of working with people in AZ, MT, CA, FL, TX and of course MN. Archangel Jophiel has been ever present so a few moments ago I took time and asked her to connect and explain what’s happening and why over this last week she’s been here.

Jophiel’s name means ‘beauty of God.’ This archangel is known as ‘the Patron of Artist.’ I understand why she would come to my home, but what are her messages and why so prevalent now? I guess when I have a new team member(s), I want to know more about them ! First of all she helps us think beautiful thoughts and to see and appreciate beauty around us; and to, therefore, create, manifest, and attract more beauty into our lives. After all, beautiful thoughts lead to beautiful outcomes. There’s that word again – manifest.

Given her artistic connection, she helps us with artistic projects and adds fuel to our creative energies. She helps with our ideas and the energy to carry out those dreamy, inspirational, creative ideas. Johpiel helps us create beauty at home, at work, and in our relationships. She helps us slow from the ‘doing’ and focus on the presents in ‘being’. Yes being is a PRESENT (gift).

She has an uplifting energy that’s fun and pleasant to be around. Perhaps she’s been the one dancing in my kitchen over the holidays or filling my house with music when no radios or stereos are on. I like having her on my team, not that Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael don’t bring fun, they all do quite well in bringing lightness to situations in my life and pointing out the humor in some of my ‘too serious’ human moments. Laughter and love are some of the best methods to elevate our energy fields to a higher frequency.

So of course Archangel Jophiel would be joining the team given we are in this incredibly creative time and those things we dream about, write about, focus on, set intents about, move us along the path of our manifestations.

Manifestation Mantra
Where your focus goes… energy flows.
Where energy flows…intent is set.
The universe manifests on our intents ….
Focus wisely….. and never under estimate the power of your energy

Holiday Lefse

The holiday season is usually my busiest time of year when I do intuitive parties. People hire me to do group readings at their holiday parties, or they hire me to do individual intuitive readings for the guests at their parties. I’ve been doing this for years, and this winter it was busier than normal. My calendar was fully booked into the new year already in late October. The energies are shifting and more people are wanting to reach out to their loved ones.

Steph had hired me last year for a holiday gathering with friends. When she emailed me this year requesting to book me for another holiday party this year, my calendar was already booked full. I felt bad about not fitting her in on my calendar but offered to put her on a waiting list. A few days later I had a cancellation of a party on a Friday evening. I immediately emailed Steph and provided the Friday evening date and time and asked if she were interested. Within five minutes I received an email from her. “YES !!! I’ll take it ! ” read her email.

The day of the party came and I was working at my home office when Steph’s mom joined me. Steph’s mom had passed a number of years ago and I’d first met her spirit form at the party that Steph had hosted nearly a year ago. I’d gone to the home and when the hostess answered, I immediately felt the presence of a woman behind the hostess Steph. I asked her, “Who is the woman that is standing behind you ? She’s been baking cookies in my office all afternoon.” I proceeded to ask Steph, ” What are this oddly shaped things? She is showing me that she is putting dough over a stick or something that looks like a stick.” Steph looked at me with tears rolling down her face. “That’s my mom. She used to make special holiday cookies that way”.

Today this same woman was once again showing me her cookie technique. I gently asked her to leave so I could get the rest of my work done before I needed to leave for her daughters party. I felt the excitement of her energy so I acknowledged that I would see her that evening and tried to refocus on my work. Her energy was not going away, now I saw her directly in front of me holding a big mixing bowl. It was resting on her hip and secured with her arm. She was stirring something with a big wooden spoon. She was intense in her stirring, which made me curious. What was she stirring ? To me it looked like potato salad. I asked her if she was making potato salad. She said, “No”. I then asked her, “Is this German potato salad?” She abruptly responded, “Absolutely not!” I committed to asking Steph later about the bowl and the mixture within the bowl. For now I needed to get back to work, and once again gently asked the woman to so kindly wait until later.

That evening when I arrived at Steph’s home, she greeted me with a hug. She reminded me that last year when I came to the door, I’d asked her about the woman standing behind her. Tonight she wanted to know if that woman was there. I laughed, “Steph, she’s been in my office most the afternoon. First she showed me the funny cookies, but then she began to stir something.” I explained to Steph what I had seen. “Steph, WHAT is she stirring, it looks like potato salad, and she got irritated when I suggested it might be German potato salad. What is it ?”

Steph began to laugh. “Laurie, she is making lefse. She always demanded that we continue the tradition of making lefse on Christmas. Her response of ‘ABSOLUTELY not’ would have been exactly how she would have said that. Laurie I can hear her saying – ABSOLUTELY NOT.”

I’m of German heritage and have never eaten or even seen lefse. I would have no reference to what she was making, but certainly knew she didn’t like when I suggested potato salad.
Steph told me that her sister was coming to the party that night and she asked me to tell her sister this story when she arrived. Last year, Steph’s sister avoided the party because she was afraid and the pain of losing her mother too fierce. This year she could only come to the party if it was on a FRIDAY night… THE FRIDAY night that had so conveniently opened up on my calendar so Steph could have the party. There were other forces that were aligning this evening, and though I was not surprised at all, the sisters were in awe on how that particular evening had fallen in to place.

As the party guests arrived, so did Steph’s sister. I shared my potato salad story with her and she laughed then cried as she reminded all of us that their mom insisted that the tradition of these special cookies and lefse be served over the holidays.

Steph showed me to the room that I would be doing private readings for everyone during the party, and I settled in for all an evening of doing one-on-one readings with her party guests. At the end of the evening I returned to the main area of the home and they were all chattering excitedly. Steph said, “Laurie you have to sit down, we have to tell you about the wooden spoon that flew across the floor! We were all sitting in the dining area when we heard a LOUD smack. There laying in the middle of the kitchen floor was a wooden spoon. It hadn’t fallen from any of the food as it was clean, dry and there were no serving spoons missing from the dishes. We can’t explain where that spoon came from but we all believe it was the spoon mom was using to stir her lefse”.

I agree with Steph, it most likely was her mom contributing to celebration that evening !

May you be very blessed this holiday season. Remember to tell those around you that you love them, but also remember to tell those that have passed you also love and hold them close in your heart. Love and Light.